Cannot report name violation

In TBC classic if you right-click a character’s name there is no option to report it as being in violation of the Code of Conduct.

On Hydraxian Waterlords there are two characters >edited< and >edited< which are clearly in violation of the policy as regards naming on RP servers. However it is impossible to report them using the ingame system since the right click method does not work.

It is there, I just checked and it’s under Other options > report player for >

Hey there Embuscade,

The option to report a player is actually there, if you right-click the portrait you can select the option to report another player for language, name, guild name or cheating. If you do not see that, you may need to reset your interface.

Additionally please do not report names in our forums. It is considered to be against our forum guidelines. For this reason I had to edit the two names that you posted there.

What about if you don’t have their portrait because you cannot target them?

They are still in violation if they are talking in General.

The customer support wizard clearly says that you can right click on their NAME, which you can in retail but you cannot in Classic.

You should be able to report them in general chat.

Edit: Actually you can’t in general but you can in trade. Just double checking that.

Sorry I was wrong you can in general, I had to wait for someone to post in it.

I agree that you should. But I could not. Hence the post.

Just tried this now with a /who on someone I knew to be online, their name appears. Right click on their name, no report option.

You never could report from who. If you whisper them then you can.

Well that makes perfect sense. Not.