Can't vote pool or post on General Discussion

I cant create a new topic in general discussion, and also cant vote for the pool of the new mount


Do you have game time at the moment? Only a few forums are available if you don’t.

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Anada is correct :slight_smile: :point_up_2:

I couldn’t vote on the mount poll either, having both an active subscription and shadowlands. I had to log in and out to be able to vote.

I have both the game and the subscription. i did log out and sign in back and still can’t vote in the poll.
Can you tell me what may the problem please?

Have you only just renewed your sub/bought gametime? It does sometimes take a little while for the forums to realise you’ve done so.

Don’t forget, that you might have to log out, and back into the forums before it realises you have active gametime.

Be sure to visit the EU poll here rather than the US one:

If you still can’t vote, and haven’t already voted, most likely your browser is blocking it. Try on another browser on via your smartphone.

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Same problem for me. Tried different browsers, logout and login more than once. None works.

Right now there’s some issues with the systems, please, try again later, or tomorrow.