Cataclysm Classic Launch Notes - Updated June 4

If i understand correctly, i could transmog it without R14 from Classic? Poggers, thx Blizz :+1:

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You’ll still need the appropriate rank/achievement though right? It would devalue the transmog significantly if you don’t.

What do you think is more difficult, 2x2 or 3x3?I’m talking about gameplay and the ease of ranking up.

Not it’s doesn’t and no the pvp rank for it is bs.
It looks fancy and everyone should have access to it since everyone bought it back then with their honor or in Vanilla with rating.
Every else pvp gear is moggable so should this also!

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Added to OP–

Getting to Vashj’ir

To alleviate potential congestion issues, on launch day we’ve removed a few of the questing prerequisites to use the portal to Vashj’ir that can be found at the Western Earthshrine in the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar and The Eastern Earthshrine near the Stormwind Keep in Stormwind.


Doesn’t it work now? I think I still see “Replica” PVP stuff.

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Yeah no Patch same Version and no Tmogs.

As far as I understand, there is no information yet on whether it will be available anytime soon :frowning:

They didn’t even adress this in the 21th Hotfix and this patch is in que for days or weeks.

Original cata: seems working.
Classic cata: We fixed your throat

Actually embarrassing what you have released. This is beyond broken, no pvp vendors, beta phase was for what? It certainly didn’t fix any bugs. I was gone for many years, then spent on game time, char boosts, epic upgrades and what did we get? A broken game that actually was smoother at its original release, what, 14 years ago?

I wanted a refund cause I won’t be playing this and was kindly told to complain here, like that will do anything. Just ripping people with false promises. This is close to false advertising in my opinion. You take people’s money and in return we get broken releases, vendors gone, bugs not fixed despite us beta testing the game FOR YOU. Impressive.

Still waiting ‘’ PvP Item Transmogs ‘’ :smile:


I’m looking forward to it.

Added to the OP-

Baradin Hold Lockouts

Added June 4, 2024

In this first phase of Cataclysm Classic, Baradin Hold allows players to complete both the 10-player and the 25-player versions of the raid each week. There is not a shared weekly lockout between the two versions of the raid.

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I would like to ask the team to look at a simple fix to switch Glaives transmog from the glaives weapon type to swords.

Please make Lightwell give its HoT on the lowest hp target automatically, or make it into a pulsating heal!

commenting for WCL tyyy

looks like this gear still can’t be transmogged 1 month later, can we get some clarification on this? :slight_smile:


I’d also like to inquire about WotLK PvP off-pieces (belts, bracers, and boots) and their availability. Currently, we can only purchase “Wrathful” pieces, but Deadly, Relentless, and Furious items remain unavailable (despite wowhead, and the in-game “Appearances” tab stating they should be available via an in-game vendor). It would be grand with a similar vendor to that of the “Outland Armor Quartermaster” which offers all of the WotLK pieces, too. :slight_smile:

This is still not implemented. At the moment we have no way of transmogging any classic PvP item, even if rank 10 is achieved in classic and rated battlegrounds. The legacy armor is not transmoggable and the replica vendors don’t exist. Can you please fix this?