Certain links break the forum totally

Like this link here:

Menus, text etc starts overlapping whenever you come across links like this. You can’t even click anything with the mouse when it happens, you have to rely on tabbing to stuff to select it.

Hmm, that link displays correctly as a playable audio clip for me on mobile. I wonder if this is specific to the browser you’re using, to all web versions or perhaps just due to some settings you have in your own browser?

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Works fine here as well, I see the media player. Firefox 81.0.1 (64-bit).

Perhaps an addon/plugin breaks it?


It shows correctly for me too.

Works for me too, using chrome (Windowed)

Which browser are you using?

I’ve tried Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and even Internet Explorer and everything displays correctly (except IE where the site doesn’t work at all).

Just to pile on, it works fine for me too.

It’s something on your end, possible your browser. Maybe you have some media type disabled in your browser.

Works for me as intended.

Works for me as well, OP maybe you have lite version of browser? or you have plug-in which disables everything it thinks is danger? Even audio plug-in didn’t work out for you.

Is it legit to post images with names of forums users? I don’t know

Works for me as well on mobile

That post appears like this for me:-

I’m using Chrome. Could it be a browser or setting issue?

I’ve posted sound links quite a few times before and this is the first time I’m told it gives someone trouble.

My post is public and it’s not like this topic is anything negative aimed at me.

If you want to know what’s allowed or not you can read the forum guidelines and the forum code of conduct.

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Naming and shaming is the violation, but this isn’t a shaming post, just naming with a support question. :stuck_out_tongue: Should be fine.

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Let’s refer to “Right to quote” and good :smiley:

Is self-shaming for having a malfunctioning browser allowed? :eyes:

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