Change the Pandaren language

Why would I want it to change?
Its funny.

I support this.

Little did we know, the tauren greeting of “Peace friend” is their native language

Sun this earth that… or something.

Pandaren do actually have a fully developed mogu-language (or the ancient and lost Pandaren language, who cares) which hasn’t been translated well into the game. They simply could use the lyrics for it.

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I think it was added at the same time as Demon Hunters, 'cause I don’t remember them being able to talk to each other in MoP indeed.

Exactly! They DO have a language, whether it is Mogu or Pandaren they (obviously) have one. It’s not like they had to create one, Blizzard has it created and probably is stored in their files. :thinking:

At least the Death Knight Pandarens seem to look a bit more serious…

I mean, they don’t actually have to delete the “nom nom nom” forever, they could put both of the languages or for example put the “nom nom nom” back for some events or on April Fools
Don’t forget to vote, whether you’re for it or against it!

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