Changes to Death Knight Character Creation Restrictions Coming - Week of March 20th

I like how the dev pinned your comment about this issue :smiley:

Thank you for all your input. I personally really appreciate it!

Coll stuff!

Now this is GIGA!

Please Aggrend, log on to a level 80 and queue up for AB right now during the AB weekend. As horde on Mograine we get 5+ DK bots each game. For some reason there aren’t many alliance bots. This makes BGs unwinnable for Horde, and there is no reason for us to even queue into it. Oh how I miss the days where GMs would actually log on and talk with you when you had some issues.

Anyway, how hard can it be to have some sort of script detection for the bots? They all move in the same pattern

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Thank you for the banning, i hope my reports and my email about some big AH bots did help, i at least saw them gone.

Keep up with this and i hope that more ppl get their heads out of their a***s and start reporting as well.

So if youve banned so many bots, why is AB crawling with them? Sort it out blizz. this is disgusting!

Why is it crawling with them? Because there’s money to be made. Because there are not insignificant amount of players out there willing to pay for gold. And therefore regardless of Banwaves and any actions against the bots they will come out crawling sooner or later because they will net their owners a profit.

race change pls

This sounds like you’re implicitly admitting to having done it yourself. But the reasoning is backwards.
Penalties stop these behaviours. Gold-buyers will stop putting their hard earned money on prohibited services when they start getting consistently banned. This kind of thing was fairly well taken care of at one point in WoW’s history, and even the most unscrupulous players didn’t pay for prohibited services without thinking twice and thrice about it.
When it comes to the bots it’s even more ridiculous. Somebody else pointed out that they move in identical patterns. Even a single GM in the flesh could annihilate hundreds of such primitive bots per hour. Not to mention scripts.
Your rationalisations contribute to the degradation of this game.

Oh god you think I advocate it? Because I don’t. I just stated why those bots will pop back again and why Blizzard’s “once in a blue moon” banwaves won’t be effective. Actions taken against Botters are less than effective as well (unless you’re doing them constantly) because in between one ban and another they tend to already make the initial investment back and thensome.

I am all for going after buyers. Hell I see it as the only effective way of dealing with bots. Removing source of income. But Blizz and many other gamess won’t do it.

Remove the boost

why some while want to give me there gold for service mean let players while good for my gold pay pots and pay food

This is exactly what Blizzard wants. For bots to buy their boosts. Also they want to report you any RMT activity, however nothing is told about providing these services for gold as Blizzard can easily track any gold amounts exchanges thus controlling RMT gold market (and probably having their share in it) as sometime sums of gold in GDKPs become absurd for a new accounts to be farmed all by themselves.

I hope you had your tinfoil hat on while writing that. I sure put mine on when I read it.

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