Class Tuning Incoming – 23 August

Its not there dps which is a problem its what they can at present bring to the table. MD and off heals. Instead of constant nerfs ask for buffs for other classes.

they should never have made a 3rd spec for evokers well they could have IE prot spec but thats a different idea and story.

Ooga booga me blizzard ooga only thing i can see is ooga ooga damage. My augmentation spec idea is fine ooga booga it didn’t break the game ooga ooga. My dungeons are perfect ooga, utility doesn’t exist ooga booga, hunters, rogues, demon hunters are fine ooga ooga people don’t play them cause people are wrong ooga booga we are always right ooga cause we are blizzard ooga booga.


STOP buffing Marksmanship hunters in PvP for the love of god.

its such a tutorial spec in a tutorial class for 60 year old dads with non-existent reaction time and rapid fire auto connects even when you are behind pillar.

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Спек армса можете удалять нету смысла в нем играть поражает как нерфят классы которые слабые сами по себе ну этоже прикольно надеюсь в некст будет изменение классов где будет написано специлизация Армс удалена из игры

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Blizzard can u stop nerfing everything? The M+ Season is already over because u are nerfing the hell out of the good classes… u should instead buff the low perfoming classes. U are killing it for the players those who are not playing Exodia. Cause no one can time the keys the exodia comps did 2 weeks ago. And u are buffing the raid with those nerfs… cause world rank 800+ Guilds are struggling at sarkareth atm and u are nerfing everything… Why cant we have different multipliers for raid and m+ like pvp does… so u can nerf the classes independently of the raid. But this what u are doin now is bullcrap.


Shadow are getting tweaked all the time.

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I’m sorry, you’re trying to tell me that Mind Soothe is only good because these are the dungeons? And then there’s the interaction of Aug+PI, which is a case of multiplicative scaling. That’s going to carry straight in into the next patch.

I would like to challenge Blizzard to make dungeons where that spell isn’t broken beyond all reason.

I didn’t write it was their damage.

And no, I’m not going to stop asking for nerfs instead of buffs to everything else. Classes are already absurd - the last thing we need is more powers and more ways to break the core mechanics of the game.

The M+ season was over for a lot of people, the moment augmentation got released…


“As we continue to closely follow gameplay data and player feedback, we will soon make several tuning adjustments to classes that are over- and under-performing in group content as well as PvP”

Aha interesting, here’s your feedback:

  • Rogue rework?
  • WW Monk ST buffs?
  • Affliction Warlock rework/buffs?
  • DH buffs?
  • Healer (except Hpal) buffs?
  • Warrior utility?
  • AugVoker nerf?

And I could continue but since this is EU forum nobody from Blizzard gives a :poop:.

Here’s my prediction 2 weeks after this:

  • Fire Mage all spell damage reduced by 10%
  • Guardian Druid Guardian of Ursoc talent is now 35% of damage dealt (was 45%)
  • Holy Paladin damage reduced by 10%
  • Augmentation Evoker nothing :slight_smile:
  • Shadow Priest nothing :slight_smile:

How about instead of nerfing everything and make players who use those classes feel bad, you buff the ones underperforming so everyone feels good?


It’s kinda joke, once again nerfs at the end of the season. Why can’t you understand that the season ended with the first/second exodia comp nerfs. You didn’t give others a chance to repeat the higher level of the keys. A lot of people changed the main characters to get invites for higher keys and now they can’t repeat the top lvl keys. Quite a few players have invested a lot of time into it for nothing…


Because their already a mid pack dps, going any lower will kill them off raid wise, their overpowered because of the insane utility. Which im guessing their unwilling to deal with right now.

Prolly will find they will deal with it in season 3s dungeon design. But its weird they nuked its dps so hard instead of just dealing with the real problem to begin with.

And one thing aside from that… BLIZZARD U DONT HAVE A CLUE WHY THE EXODIA COMP IS UNBEATABLE DO U? First of all… They all bring party wide buffs… Mark of the Wild 3% Vers. Arcane Intellect 5% Int. Power Word: Fortitude 5% Stam. Blessing of the Bronze 15% Movment CD. Devotion Aura 3% Dmg reduction(Aura Mastery 15%). Black Attunement 4% Maxhealth (can be increased by additional1 10%). Mass Barrier about 100k grp wide absorb. Chronoward about 250k Absorb. After the Wildfire Bear AOE offheal. Vampiric Embrace offheal.
This alone is about 2-3 key lvl worth of survivability.

Lets Continue. About the utility.
2x Immunity = Iceblock, Divine Shield
1x Physical Immunity = Blessing of Protection
1x Mindsoothe making mobs Skippable.
Lay on Hands instant Topping someone.
Blessing of Sacrifice 1min 45% Dmg Reduction.
Glimmer Dmg Reduction.
Multiple AOE Stops= Dragonsbreath, Blinding Light, Blastwave, Tailswipe, Wing Buffet, Breath of Eons, Incap Roar, Fear

And it doenst rly stop there. But i dont wanna continue.

Look at the Raider.IO stats for once…

The EU cutoff increased in two weeks by about 6 points after the nerfs. ITS freaking Insane. U are makin it worse.


Nice nerfs on gdruid with 2 mass cc each 25 seconds, 1 soothe each 10 seconds, 1 interrupt, 2 self healing and increase the heal taken, 1x healthstone, auto death cheat, battle cr. I am sure after this patch people reroll prot warriors.

Give warrior 25 s 2x mass cc, buff is not enough.

The disc priest changes are disappointing.
There are so many other things that could have been done, the proposed changes have little to no impact…

Developers’ notes: Aegis of Wrath was too impactful in PvP due to its ability to deal with burst damage,

I don’t know if it was impactful at all in PvP… With 35% mastery, full BiS gear, and Aegis of Wrath talent, the shields are around 115k, if applied on targets with atonement. They instantaneously fall off, even without any offensive cds buttons pressed by the enemy team.

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No, it will not have the desired effect because that’s the wrong approach to the issue, don’t nerf the strong, buff the weak.

You’ve been failing to understand that for the last 20 years.

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Should have been Earlier. Hope u dont forget to nerf the raid aswell. Cause the class nerfes impact the raid TOO!

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Maybe go further and buff devastation too

Pathetic. That’s what i think about these.
They change nothing, they solve nothing. Weak specs continue weak. Strong specs continue strong, now 1% less. Fantastic!
Everything continues the same.

What you need to balance is in the utility. These are nothing. These changes or no changes achieve absolutely the same.

I guess we need to wait for the next major patch for meaningful changes. Until then, screw those of us not on god comp.


I started to level gdruid, just broken, tested it with 399 ilvl and it can tank +15 keys with a normal party ilvls around 415.