Classic Patch 1.13.3 LUA API Change

With the release of World of Warcraft Classic 1.13.3 , we’re making a change to disallow calling C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage with the CHANNEL ChatType. This will prevent addons from communicating over custom, player-created chat channels.

Addons will still be able to communicate using PARTY, RAID, GUILD, and WHISPER in the same ways that they can now. Additionally, we are going to test a change to permit C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage to be called with SAY and YELL, allowing your addons to communicate with players in your immediate vicinity.

We support using addons to customize your gameplay experience. However, we also want to ensure that we preserve the social dynamics that make Classic what it is. Ultimately, we decided that the ability for addons to send invisible messages to large, arbitrary groups of players all across Azeroth was something that risked undermining those social dynamics.

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Can you confirm if the range is 60 yards for SAY and 400 yards for the YELL chat types?

Will this break “Sync” of Details?

prolly will, even with sync threat meters are wierd now

No. Addons still can communicate in raid channel.

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rip Spy addon?

Isn’t this how HonorSpy communicates, though a custom created channel?

So… no more honour stacking or being able to scan people’s honour without having HonorSpy just spam inspect everything in the players’ vicinity?

Please re-think this one.

The author changed it a while back (during the whole chat lag fiasco) to communicate over Guild chat instead.

So I don’t need to be in this “HonorSpySync” custom chat channel anymore or?

Wouldn’t this break the spy addon again increasing its “detection” range to well over 50 yards again? if the spy addon “yells” its detected presence along with coordinates, and this gets repeated to the people with spy, you basicly are back to square one with that particular addon

Since the upcoming patch breaks the way addons (including HS) use custom chat channels the author has already updated the addon. You can leave the chat channel.

Wait, somebody relevant actually read my rants about Spy addon’s real issue being the data sharing and not the combat log parsing everybody was whining about? I didn’t think I’ll ever say this again but: Hat off for this Blizzard.

No, it just won’t be unfair.

That part was never nerfed to begin with. They limited the range of combat log events. They never limited the range of addon messages. Now they’re limiting the the players you can share data with to the players in your yell range. They will have to remove that as well though, as due to literally everyone having the Spy addon, this will still allow players to share their detection data with players that are not supposed to have it (they were too far from the detected target to detect it). Not to mention that if upon receiving detection data from other players, it gets shared again from the receiver location in receiver range (use players as beacons), it would pretty much render the change they’ve made this patch useless.

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