Classic vs Retail

I was new in Legion, so know nothing about Classic.

-Is it one expansion/a standalone game/will it progress in parallel to Retail?
-What happens to retail if/when enough people migrate?
(could we go back to interesting class design (unpruning), fast gameplay (zero GCD), Templates/scaling (for instanced pvp…)

Classic doesn’t appeal to me (I enjoy(ed) the Monk playstyle & know no different than Legion-BfA), so I suppose I’m curious if retail will be allowed to evolve without the pull of how things used to be ‘x-race shouldn’t even exist!’ - ‘everything should be on GCD!’ - ‘LFR ruined WoW’ …or if dumbing down of classes & abilities & design will continue in future expacs?

Vanilla class design is more boring. It’s by far not its strong suit. Only healers have any form of meaningful gameplay. And by healers someone means Priests and Paladins. Shamans and Druids are just there to drop a buff.
There is no such thing as zero GCD, it always existed. They just added cooldowns into it.

But other than that, they haven’t mentioned anything along the lines of developing further like what happened to Runescape.


I don’t think you should judge classic without giving it a try.

Classic has a very different ideology than the current game in that It values the adventure, many people want to go back to it because of the extremely immersive feeling it had.

Back then you were an adventurer and very limited but that very limit is what made the game fun and not out of whack.

The game itself is arguably bigger than any expansion ever introduced in game, so for someone who didn’t play classic you will find a ton of content to do.

I don’t think you need to worry about people migrating but if classic was a huge success then Blizzard will probably try to implement some classic values which isn’t really a bad thing, it’s good to look at the past and learn from it :slight_smile:

They probably won’t remove retail classes and races too, they’ll just change the approach and try to put in some classic values like I said previously.

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Classic won’t pull the majority mostly just played in parallel. Most of the hardcore Classic players have only resubbed to play classic and were not part of the BFA population to begin with.

Personally Classic was great for its time but best left as a good memory for me. Classic was the biggest time sink ever created. Travelling, farming, rep grinding, 50% of the time was doing something menial or unproductive.

People also talk about ability pruning now but just try classic. You literally had a couple of buttons to press while auto attacking.

It is a standalone game. It is possible, if there is enough demand, that Blizzard will add servers for The Burning Cusade expansion, and if that happens, then maybe for Wrath. It will be a lot easier for them to do that, now that they have proven the method of running the original game on current infrastructure.

I doubt that enough will actually migrate to make a difference to retail. After the initial massive hype, many Classic players will come back, and many retail players will drop in to Classic between patches.

It could be that seeing the reaction to Classic will make some impression on the dev team, but it seems to me the bubble they’re in will be pretty hard to pop.

Well the GCD and acctuall actions per minute are really close to vanilla in BfA… and people hate it, even if haste acctually make the game run twice as smooth(Ability wise). There’s no unpruned vanilla classes, since the classes are really incomplete in vanilla, which is how it should be tbh.

The classes in Vanilla are compared to MoP(for example) extremely pruned. So when people compare BfA to MoP it’s basicly the same as comparing Classic to MoP as far as abilities is considered. I mean everythings relative to how you want to view things.

Classics future may result in BC servers eventually. But it all depends on how classic works out. If It runs with a profit and show promise as far as the community develops, it’s quite likely blizzard will consider a BC / WotLK revamp.

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It has certain phases. Content will unlock over time, depending on how far the players have progressed. However, as it is now, only stuff from before TBC.

I don’t think a lot. Blizzard might implement some stuff from Classic into retail if people enjoy certain features, but I think that retail won’t get neglected or get less development.

Never going to happen.

Retail has its player base - Vanilla has its own to.

Retail will keep the hardcore raiders imo and obviously any PvP players who’re pushing when not in down time etc etc I’m sure they’ll try it but it’s not like they’re going to drop out for a capped experience.

In honesty I think Vanilla will rise high then dip sharp. It will and I feel like I can say this without a single doubt, keep a strong player base for a good amount of time simply because there are those of us who genuinely love it.

What I’m most interested in seeing is the player who’s never touched it and goes over to try it. I have no doubt a large majority of gamers won’t like it due to time constraints etc but I also feel like a fair amount will love the totally different approach to the game.

So I don’t truly think that Blizzard will ever try to make current similar to it’s original as in today’s world it’s a niche market, kinda like Dark Souls, you get the people who play it for the challenge then you get the people that truly love the souls series.

thanks for the replies

it was the first release of the game (imagine it as an expansion, storylines etc) and, to me, not very good. Was a massive grind, even to level and only the core classes were particularly good.
I cant see it progressing any further that just a stand alone game tbh and I cant see anyone staying for more than a week or two.
Id imagine its more of a “lets see what people liked about it and try to re-invent that so that we don’t release another godawful expansion like BFA and lose lots of subs” but I don’t think its a good idea, if that’s their reasoning. History teaches us nothing, and we learn nothing from it so move on.
The only reason I can think of is that they’ve run out of ideas … but in a fantasy setting, there is literally no limit to what you can do with a little imagination.

the game hasn’t been dumbed down, theres just a tonne of addons that do things for you rather than you actually paying attention and reacting. Its a dumbing down of the player base, not the game.

No, retail wont be affected by classic in any way … itll just be a small distraction until bfa stops being a tedious rep and azurite grind.

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Hate to bring it to you, but dumbing down of classes and pruning is Legion’s trademark as well.


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