Classic/TBC lost characters

If I log into Classic wow era servers my server list shows my lvl 60 chars, which is marked as moved to TBC. But if I log into wow TBC, my characters are no where to be found?

Is anyone able to see, where my chars have gone?


Your Era characters aren’t automatically moved from Era to TBC, they were only moved if they had never chosen TBC or Era. Your characters will be in Era.

I can see them if I log onto the Era server, but cannot access them. Says they are moved to TBC.

When did you last play them? Does it actually say they are on TBC or just that a clone is available?

Also if they are on TBC there may be a delay for them becoming active due to the clone service being deactivated.

You could try making a new character on the TBC realm to see if they appear, it’s an old trick.

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I also have a bunch of missing characters. They were all on Zandalar Tribe and now poof, nowhere to be found…

As of yesterday, the process of consolidating multiple TBC Classic realms began, making those realms no longer available. This was announced in June and all the details can be found below :

Any characters that were still on one of these realms when they were taken down, will be automatically moved to a new realm, as outlined in the above post. They are not deleted or lost, but the process of moving the characters will take time and may be unavailable for up to two weeks.

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I had a lvl 70 warrior on TBC (can’t remember realm). Stopped playing a couple of months as I was busy, now I logged in and there is nothing.
Where can I go to get my warrior back?

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The answer is in the blue post immediately above yours.

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Basically wait until it appears on Mograine.

So… I recently got back into classic, ready for wrath of the lich king. I was going to transfer to Gehannas to play with my friends, but I was enjoying the free time in Shazzrath with no ganking and every quest available with out fighting over it. (Waiting for bosses to spawn, killing the same mobs etc.)
From what I understand they forgot to take down Shazzrath on Aug 10th and have now started doing this on August the 15th. Surely due to the error of dates they will speed this up so certain individuals can get back onto wow and start leveling again ready for Wrath that comes out on Aug 30th?
At the moment when I sign on I can see Morgaine but have no characters on there. But I also can’t see Shazzrath anymore (So I cant play on my character) does anyone have a idea how long this process takes? (Yes I have read the blue post above and it says up to 2 weeks. I also know this is said just incase things go badly during the process)

Try making a new character there on Mograine, of any faction. It may refresh your list.

You can transfer to Gehennas right now, but you have to pay for it. I think free transfers are now a thing of the past.

I tried making a new character but nothing changed.

I am not sure if I can do a paid transfer as when I go to pick a character to transfer the one I want to transfer is not a option currently until, they move my character onto Mograine PVP.

I think I am stuck from playing until my druid randomly comes to Mograine when ever they decide to move it which is shocking.

So it takes upp to 2 weeks, that means by 24 of august it will be done…

But it says.
Dreadmist Mograine
Shazzrah Mograine

on Dreadmist i had a horde shaman and on shazzrah i had a hunter and a paladin alliance. will they both appear on Mograine? i tought you could not have both ally and horde char on the same server?

All your characters will move to Mograine, regardless of Faction. The Faction limitations for realms were lifted in June.

I only got 1 character moved to Mograin, do the other toons get deleted or what? They to low level to transfer maybe? I have been away from this game for a long time so is that a reason maybe?

I had a 60+ warlock on TBC that was boosted when he was level 22-23. I converted 1m gold on retail to blizzard balance and bought the boost from the shop. I haven’t logged in for couple of months and I logged in again 3 days ago. My warlock was there but he was level 22 as before the boost… Sent a ticket and it says 7 days average wait time. Added a gametime only to level him up to 70 for wotlk. 3 days wasted already from my gametime.

Have you logged into the character? I know it sounds odd but it may need to apply something to it when you log in.

I logged in… It’s like a backroll. Like time went back before I do that boost.

Unfortunately all you can do is wait until they get to your ticket.

I think quite a few people have had problems with the consolidation and that’s made the queue longer.

I have a similar problem. Low lever characters are already transfered to Mograine, 62 shaman I had on dreadmist is no where to be found. What to do?

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