Clone service

Any chance you can bring back level 60 clone service?

I never got the email that you where ending this service have I had know that you where ending it I would have cloned my character. I sure their is thousands of people in the same boat as me.

The clone service has been discontinued for awhile and will not return. They did not send a mail but did announce it on the newsblog and other social media channels.

This has also been stated here that you may suggest to see this return through the ingame suggestion box or at an appropriate non-support forum, as CS doesn’t forward or handle feedback here.

Another thread on this? It’s not coming back. You had the whole of TBC Classic to clone or choose your expansion.

Blizzard were wrong not to send an email but it did look like most players weren’t coming back.


Ok thats great and all, I would still like the service back as I never got the email and their is no rules about making your own thread.

There’s fortunately rules in addition to the CoC which you may have overlooked as a reminder:

The rest is already covered by our posts above.

That’s up to blizzard if they want to delete this post and silence their community of players. Bring back the clone service!!!

The data is gone so it will never come back.

The Classic Era version of the character will be permanently deleted and unavailable for cloning.

Hey Meditationn,

As mentioned by several players here, and myself in another topic, Customer support isn’t in charge of this service, and we wouldn’t be able to add this system (or any other) in the game.