Comp Stomp?

So no Comp Stomp this week? Can’t Q it from the group finder even though calendar says it should be available.


Does it specify what time it starts?

Yeah it says 08:00

I guess this is another issue with KR again, will see if I can ask someone.

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Oh dear, they are mucking up resets a lot recently.

Ok heard back, it’s currently under investigation, so hopefully will be resolved soon :slight_smile:


I sure hope so! I’ve been looking forward to it so much. :smiley:


Any more news? Still cant queue :frowning:

the engineers in north america are doing everything on eu realms too.

i think they are merging them all soon or something

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Any update yet? I love Comp Stomp

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It’s funny nobody noticed it last week because hardly anyone does weekly brawls (except for comp stomp).


Where comp stomp?! :angry: :angry: :angry:

I’m running short of marks…

Yeah time is ticking. soon only 5 days left. can you please replace the next weeks brawl with comp stomp atleast if you dont fix it this week


Still no blue response to this and so little engagement? Is there any official word from Blizzard why this has happened? Any acknowledgment at all?

Punyelf tell your contact that we are getting restless here! :grinning:


It had to be fixed last week as well.

So of course the best brawl will be cancelled or half-cancelled, can’t have people gear up alts with honor gear early.

Still can’t Q, bah! I guess they have their hands full with SoD launch, which is fair enough…

Let’s hope a fix pops up tomorrow before the weekend.

When I play bgs it is always comp stomp against bot hordes, hehheh.

As others noted, we had a schedule conflict between these two brawls, so we put off Comp Stomp.

To compensate, we’re adjusting the whole rotation by two weeks. Comp Stomp will start on December 12, one week after the Anniversary event ends on December 7.

And then all should proceed apace.