Couple of old farts looking for somewhere to do M+ and HC raids

Hi, me and a good friend, both old farts (wrong side of 50) are looking for a new home to do some M+ and a bit of raiding.

Neither of us want an elitist environment where we have GM or RL stressing over why we haven’t managed at least four +15 keys this week, could just be we don’t have time or maybe just cba :slight_smile:

What we would like is an environment where there are keys being actively and inclusively completed anywhere from level 10 up to 16/17 and where there is a half way decent HC raid once or twice a week. Don’t mind wiping and trying hard, just want everyone to be of the same mind set.

I’m a BM Hunter (Agns-Terenas), been playing since Vanilla and have got Cutting Edge once or twice along the way, my friend is a Holy Priest (Maltyalty-Ravencrest) so you can look us up. We’re both currently 8/8N & 7/8HC.

Add me on FCar#2556 for a chat or reply here.

Thanks for taking the time to read !


Hey, i’ve added you on bnet, I think we would be a good fit!


Take a look at our profile and if you like what you see jump in the discord and we will take it from there.

[LFM] [EU] [H] [draenor] [M+] [Raid] Relaxed social Guild recruiting - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (

Alternatively if you are not looking to move servers / realms this discord is worth a post with your requirements.

Hey Fioacc
Did you manage to find a suitable guild? I am currently looking for pretty much the same - also an old fart here with same mindset.

Add me on Bnet: Raski#21503

Sounds like we could be a good match. Added you on bnet for a chat!

If you’ve already found somewhere, enjoy! :smiley:

Good Moaning Fioacc
We are looking for like minded people like u and ur buddy, we are a long standing guild set up back in 2007, would rather have seasoned minds running along side us, dying with us and having the bantz with us :smiley:

We raid every Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00 server to 22:00 (uk time) good bunch of people, we will always get a smile out of u and if ur a grumpy fart then at least a smirk :smiley:

I cant add u battlenet wise as iam at work atm, feel free to add me Discord, have that on meeee phone! Razorstorm#7563

Best regards

Ive sent a friend request incase you are still looking our recruitment post below we are 8/8 heroic so needs a little update but mostly correct :slight_smile:


Have a look at The Old Grudge (horde) or The Old Guard (alliance).

You sound perfect for them!

Hello Fioacc.

Aged is a guild for you who needs flexibility (just as you seek). We’re located on Ravencrest, as Alliance. The majority of our members either have kids, working shift and need a somewhat flexible schedule. We are recruiting for 10.1 and are preparing for the next season.

We organized weekly Mythic+, offers 1-day-a-week raiding [Sunday 8pm–11pm, currently 6/8HC] & have social events. With us you’ll find a guild like no other.

If you are interested, add me on either or Discord.

B-tag: Elu#21957
Discord: Elu#5635


Haha … I loved your post! Sounds like you would fit in well with our guild :wink:

We don’t concentrate on Heroic raids, we tend to work our way through normal first, but we’re casual and inclusive. And some of us might possibly be in the same age bracket as yourself :wink: cough

The guild been around since 2007 and we try to adhere to the ethos of inclusivity, not exclusivity.

We raid twice a week, Wednesday and Friday, each for 2.5 hours. Wednesday we start raids at 21:00 server time, Friday we start at 21:30 server time.

Our raids are casual and social. There is no attendance requirement (ie, there’s no requirement for anyone to sign up to a specific number of raids), we don’t expect people to stick to a “main” character when raiding and anyone in the guild can sign up to any raid they wish to attend, as long as they fulfil gear requirements.

In the majority of instances, there is no experience required (we’re currently having a play with the last boss in Heroic, so we’re temporarily changing that a little for this one!).

Quite a few of our members have chronic altitus so there’s usually someone around levelling an alt :stuck_out_tongue:

We also have members who are interested in achievements, pet and mount collecting, transmogs and just completing everything they can.

For dungeons … we have a “Mythic Monday” weekly where anyone can join to learn M+ tactics and routes, and we also have plenty of people that run M+ from low level casual runs to pushing to time +15 and higher keys.

If you’re interested, you’re welcome to join our discord to find out more about us, ask questions and perhaps join in the occasional M+ :wink:

We do accept new members by application only on our website - this helps us try to ensure that we are the type of guild people are looking for, and they’re the type of people we’re looking for :wink:

You can find our guild rules, ethos and information, along with the application form, here: