Curve guild seeking potential merge

Hey there community,

I will post this anonymously as we are still in talks about the guilds direction.

Currently we are a Horde curve guild where right now, we farm HC CoN in 1 night ( Friday ). We also use a 2nd night for progression but not needed as of 2 resets ago. We currently raid 20:00-23:00st and that’s how we wish to keep it.

Our issue is that we want to start Mythic however the recruitment at this stage of the tier is insanely difficult, we have members who really want this to happen and our fear is that we may lose these members unless we suddenly find the numbers to begin Mythic progress.

Farming HC and keys will only last so long sadly, at that point members will explore alternative guilds as is expected.

I am reaching out at the possibility of merging for Mythic progress now and for the foreseeable future. We would consider all options provided both sides get a fair deal.

Leave some details if interested and if we like what we see then we may contact you for further discussions.

add lowbattery#2244 lets have a chat

we’re an alliance guild on Ravencrest. Add me on Discord if you wanna have a chat. @ odeus#6957

This is our recruitment link - [H] Twisting Nether <Archaic Order> - 4/10M 1-day Raiding Guild

Our Thu raid is in exactly the same boat as you are. I would be happy to have a chat with you to see how our goals align.


Add me on battle net for a chat psykick06#2401

We are a casual M progression guild focused on progressing Mythic while still having fun. Currently 10/10hc 2/10m

We raid Friday and Saturday 20:00 - 23:00 ST, with a social heroic raid on Wednesdays.

add my bnet for a chat

We are 10/10 Hc guild on kazzak fast progressing for a new guild we are 17 of us looking more people to expand our horizon . We are all 25+ . Besides raiding we are doing m+ 10± 15+ Keys

We are really chill and laid back we are looking more people to join us . As a guild master i m ready to forma leadership.