I can not find my Realm Dark …
it is not in the list of Realm I have most of mine there

Have you tried sorting the list into alphabetical order?

Darkshadows doesn’t exist, is it an EU realm? And if so, what language? Maybe you meant Darksorrow?

Or Darkspear?

Or Darkspear

Great minds think alike :wink:

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Well, there are not that many realms starting with Dark :smiley:

Probably Darksorrow as it was just connected.

When Al’Akir was connected it seemed like all my alts on that realm disappeared and it moved back down with the rest of the realms. I just needed to enter it and the alts were there.

Oh wow, Darksorrow got connected? To which realms? I have couple of forgotten alts on the server because I moved to AD, it was a ghost town in Legion.

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