Death Knight Tauren Blood ilvl366 casual looking for guild


Hi. I am casual player I don’t raid very often but maybe with nice, friendly and sociable guild I could. I am not good player but still learning to be better. I am not good tank either because this is my first character in wow ever. I play since late Legion. I will lvl Zandalari Troll Druid Balance with my lvl110 boost so I will learn how to dps. I don’t play often because the game bores me if I don’t have anyone to play with and none of my friends plays it :frowning: I have searched for a guild for quite a while now and this is my last chance. Pls help :slight_smile:

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Hello. We have a very nice casual guild you might like to join, you can read all about it here if you are interested: [H] New Day - Helpful and Friendly guild, for fun times

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