Delete Explosive Affix entirely

Everybody hates it. It doesn’t need to be reworked, it needs to be deleted.


Yea, we got that.

The more posts about this, the higher the likelihood of Blizzard actually listening. Just go oppose someone else, bro, nobody wants you here. Maybe Twitter would be a better outlet for your boredom, go fight someone over there instead of trying to argue with me on literally every post I make.
I’ll scream my distain for the S2 affixes from every rooftop until Blizzard changes them.

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Sorry, seems i touched a nerve.

I’ll leave you to keep repeating yourself in peace.

Also, twitter is where short inane rants go. You tick all the boxes.

Nah, bro, you’re just incredibly annoying as you literally have to comment every thread I make with some dull “muh I oppose you, you wronnng muh” BS.

Thanks, much appreciated. Keep it up for my future posts, please.

Which is why it is the perfect place for you mate. Go check it out.

Projection much lol

The escalted quickly haha.

On topic though I agree, the changes to explosives look god awful… I really hope they change is

So you like the new affix changes then? Take it you played ptr and tested it yea?

Simple man let me explain these new affixs are a cancer the duns, lets take freehold as an example first trash pull is big lots of adds lots of stuff to avoid and stuns to be used now lets add the root slow in nice have fun avoiding all the ground stuff like seriously its stupid, now lets add explosives in with the 3 pack pull now explosive spawn damn near constant with 500k hp noice and still no time to kill good luck killing more than 2 even if every player swaps how fun xD now lets add the incoproreal 4 bloody adds than need to be constantly stunned/ interupted for thw whole time there alive how great. Have an all melee group and last boss and the incorporeal adds are in the fire lol just die no chance to get in to cc/stun them XD 2nd boss you get root and the spinning shark chasing you lol just die how greqt of a design.

These affixs are stupid, horrible, so unfun and painful it will kill m+ and i say this because it can work but they need to be tuneed to a level they cant do until much later into the season when probably nost people would have quit. There will be so many crossovers with these affixs with the mechanics of the dun that will make it just cancer and yea they will fix it but how many weeks/months into the season will it take? How many people will have quit? How many people will not play certain weeks once again lowereing the amount of people playing on these weeks?

Its just lazy bad design literal billion dolllar company cannot summon enough brain power to do anything fun cool or use they eyes to read what players are saying, you know there source or revenue but you know f it it they want to kill this game cool i wont be staying if the stupid assisine changes are made.

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I never said that, read my post history instead of making assumptions.

My issue was with the OP doing the forum equivalent of a monkey flinging crap and making loads of threads all saying the same thing.

on thet i agree mr priest annoying


cry me a river babe

So you dont want players to complain when a major pain point emerges what? This dude also pays for this game he has a right to say hey blizz your morons too so. Not just you you pompous idiot.

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It is fine as is. Bursting isn’t. Can’t be done big pulls non-stop as the tank and the healer don’t have cooldowns up all the time.

He can complain,im just pointing out he should keep it down to half a dozen whiny threads.

Just like him, i can say what i think, you illiterate turnip.

I keep it down to the amount of threads I see fit mate. Kinda sad that you don’t have other things to put your energy into than the way other people use the forums lol, get a life, get some friends and again - cry me a river


I would go for current explosive over any of the 3 new ones, what a nightmare! I am not looking forward to S2, and I play this game for fun!

Probably should draw some conclusions :wink:

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Right back atcha

Making 20 threads on the same topic then telling someone else to get a life.


Well, I spend some of my time to give my feedback on a game I pay monthly to play. My motivation is the game to change to my liking.
You, on the other hand, spend apparently all of your time to comment other people’s opinions with the motivation of… arguing? Putting other people down in a discussion because you watched too many Ben Shapiro videos and need this for your little ego?
A little bit more pathetic imo (even tho we both should probably rethink our ways of spending time and energy lol)

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I think you miss out a point about new affixes, Its their job to make things worst, thats why they are losing more and more players each day.

They are getting paid making things worst and be harmful to their billion dollar company called blizzard. They have 0 knowledge about whats going on at m +

They are extremely preservative and lazy, they cant even give up on explosive affix but make it worst than it was.

New affixes :

Unorganized / Indiscriminate / Irritating / Inconsiderate / Sadistic / Thoughtless / Lazy

Enjoy !

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I know what will happen with the new explosive affix…

in its new iteration it means it is a big DPS loss, so everyone will ignore all explosives and the healer will just have to heal through.
As it will spawn significantly less often, the dmg it does can be handled. At the wrong moments it might wipe you, but more often than not, it will be ignored and just treated as another small aoe dmg that needs to be healed

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