Delete please

Delete, please. The post has served its purpose.

Drop me a discord friend request and we can chat. Jamezzar#0178


I sent a friend request, I’ll introduce you to our guild on discord.

Talk to you soon!

Discord: Pico#6036
Btag: Robin#26637

4 more days! keep em coming!

Added on disco, let’s have a chat :slightly_smiling_face:

I added you.

Throw me a friend request on discord Tidus#0130 and lets have a talk, i think we could be the perfect guild for you in Shadowlands :slight_smile:

We’ve already had a short chat on discord, but thought I’d leave my bnet here: Sealed#2123 to find us again later.

2 days left.

RAID : Shadowlands Legends is a 2 night raiding guild, we raid on wed and sun 20.00 - 23.00 .
We start this guild fresh with a core of people who raided the last 2 years together.
Looking for mythic progression, although unsure about cutting edge.
Social and Mature players.

Also a playerbase for M+ and Arenas

DirtyHaribo#0676 Hit me up on discord for more info.


Hello Hazmat.

I hope you will take us into consideration.

You are welcome to add me aswell Justme#21312