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Blufi, we are in need of 1 more healer, a hpala, so if you can change server/faction we can give it a try. Check also the thread above, its our recruitment post.

Morning my friend!

You can contact me via bnet: aRTeeCee#21836

Raid Times/Days : Wednesday - Sunday 8pm - 11 pm ST

Progress so far: Normal cleared and 3/10HC, gonna be most likely 5HC after Sunday.

Short info about us.

We welcome everyone with a healthy and positive attitude towards being members of a social and progression oriented team.

We’re a mixture of players that aim for pushing end-game content. Pillar men promotes a positive, toxic-free raiding environment while maintaining a healthy progression mentality.

We value the person before the player, everything is a balance, something we strongly stand by.

Our primary goal as guild will be to push CE in the first tier while steadily building up a roster. What you can expect from us: - Well structured and organised raids. With the understanding that CE is a goal and not something that will be a thing immediately. - Competitive yet relaxed atmosphere. - Dedicated leadership who work along with the team.

Here is the rest our recruitment thread: [H] <Pillar Men> [10/10N - 3/10HC] Recruiting for Shadowlands!

Hope to hear from you! :smiley:

Hey Blufi,

Royals Eternal are a new guild formed this week on SIlvermoon alliance with core members from another guild that was progressing Heroic.

We are semi-hardcore and want to achieve AotC. There is already some appetite in the guild for mythic raiding and if we get 20 raiders that are up for the challenge then we can step into mythic Nathria!

Raid days are Wed & Thurs 20:30 - 00:00 ST

You find our guild post here [A] <Royals Eternal> - new guild is looking for members! or dont hesitate to contact me on discord at Tortin#1456.