Delete pls

Found a guild ty :slight_smile: delete pls

If you would consider 3 raid days a week and moving realm add me on Discord Rosca#4941 to see if our ambitions align

If not good luck in your search for a guild

Hello boys,

We might be a bit behind BEFORE this reset for you guys, but check us out -> [H][EU][โ‹† Divide et Impera โ‹†] is looking for Dedicated Raiders for its Main Core

Hey guys,

the two of you seem like a good fit for us! If you are looking for mature, 2 days a week raiding guild with several long term players in it then please check out our recruiting post below and I would contact you on discord :slight_smile:

We are a bit behind your progress, but Inerva should go down tonight so we should be 4/10 then with already a number of tries we put into Sun King as well.

Lets have a chat if you are interested!