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Hey dude,

we are building a roster for BoD. Unfortunalty we are not raiding in Uldir since we still don’t have the number to go in mythic.

We are still searching for a resto druid to complete our healer spots. If you are interested, you can check this post:

and you can add one of the contact if you want to have a chat with them.

Have a good day, see ya


(Laorii) #3

Goes away for a month, comes back for 1 raid. Asked to DPS, gets his 4k dps carried through a night of mother which failed due to not enough DPS and looks for a new guild.

Enjoy your new resto/bear/boom druid, or blood dk or maybe even hunter. :joy:


get lost you asked me to go dps when I explicitly said I’ve not played moonkin or feral because I’ve only played resto and guardian so I said ok ill go dps for the raid night and I should’nt of gone dps in 1st place since I am a main healer spot in the guild so theres that.

2nd I was only away because I was in the middle of moving house and christmas was around the corner I’ve already mentioned that to an officer so cant bring that up missy

3rd im a mythic raider with 13 years experience not some casual like your guild and you are can’t kill mother mythic lol but I am not going to bother saying anything more about you Laorii

4th Sorry to any1 reading this its childish of a guild leader to reply to a persons post in such a manner and I hope you disregard what shes said as mentioned in my other points.


1st you tried to heal as restoration druid and got 20% average parses on mother

2nd you tried to tank with us and you failed to comprehend any mechanics and with your smug little chuckles and your pretentious attitudes.

3rd you tried to dps and well here was the result over a 3 hour pull session and averaged out at 4.1k dps

4th you didn’t tell us you were looking for another guild we let you play every single role you even left for a month we still saved you a spot and you decided to be ungrateful.

5th I was happy to let you improve yourself but instead you try and be a snake and make a post on your alt rather than be an adult and admit you’re 1/8 and everyone else is between 2/8 4/8 and one 8/8

6th Before all of that we allowed you to trial out on multiple classes like your druid and hunter. We killed mother without you and you couldn’t perform when you said you could do other roles.

7th if you leave after one bad night of performance I don’t think you have 13 years of experience, when you build a post on lies you’ll just embarrass yourself and insult people that actually have that level of knowledge and understanding in the game.

8th I hope a guild takes you and lets you improve since we gave you every opportunity to try out every role and even let you switch classes. Good luck and treat the next guild with more respect.

(Huninn) #6

As a 8/8 M healer, i can attest to everything said about this player.

1.) Mad
2.) Cus bad.

But more seriously though, if you leave after one bad raid night, how can you even progress? Mythic guilds, good ones, spend 100+ pulls per boss depending on difficulty.

Youre not a mythic raider, youre not loyal, and youre a snake. What worth are you to anyone?

(Huninn) #7

Gets called out, edits his posts.

(system) #8

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