Demon Hunter looking for a new home

Hey there!

Im Metaphoria (not my real name obviously), 35yrs old living in Sweden with my family. I am looking for a new home in Shadowlands. Either alliance or horde does not matter. My experience in wow is wide and long. Been playing both hardcore/semi-hardcore and casual.

I am looking for a guild with heroic clear and have mythic progression as a bonus with no rush. I am more interested in having fun reaching the goal with abit of competing alongside. I also love doing M+ with highest experience of level 20.
The times I am looking for are earliest 19.30 and latest around 23 GMT. I rather not raid Saturdays.

What you get from me is a dedicated and loyal player that stride to be my best in what I do. I love to compete and always try to aim to be a good player with knowledge of my class and the encounters without being elitist about it.

My contact information is:

Torment#21748 on Bnet.
Dead#0271 on Discord.

Hey there,

please check the below link, if you like it we can discuss more on bnet.


Hello, Recursion on twisting nether horde side is looking for a few more players, hope to hear from you . (H) Twisting Nether, Recursion

Hey! I just saw your post, maybe our guild will be something for you.
We are on Outland - Alliance. Iuncta Iuvant is a newly founded guild with experienced players. We are currently looking everyone to fill our ranks. We are going to organise raids, have Mythic + nights or just running Transmog runs. Our guild has as motto Together, We Strive and that’s what we live by. You can message me if interested. Looking forward for you to join our ranks!