Devs doesn't hear us

It’s one week to wotlk and i read of hundreds of ppl that can’t join their friends on other locked servers, how is it even possible that this problem hasn’t been solved by now? Do Devs actually know what they are doing? Do they care?


They told us that it is not physically possible to solve that problem.

They cannot make the servers any bigger.

And the only way that’s even a problem that is not well deserved for people, is if you wanted to start on the fresh servers.

But you dug your own grave. You signaled to blizzard that you want mega servers, so they will only give you a few fresh servers that will be mega servers and they won’t consider adding anything that won’t be a mega server.

there’s no need to make servers bigger, if all these ppl want to join their friends, so they’re willinbg to do the queues, after 1-2 months most of the queues will be gone anyway, i don’t see the problem.
We had to deal with queues for over a decade, and it was never the real problem

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a 2k queue and 10k queue is very different, 30mins vs 5 hours
also bigger population = laggy AH, world, looting etc. It’s not only about the queue

You can’t ever blame the players / customers for their service being subpar. It is ultimately their product, their responsibility. I am absolutely certain they are underfinanced and there is a problem with he hierarchy internally as well. GM’s claim to be powerless, there is basically NO indication that they read the forums etc.


but the issue is.

ur friends may not mind the queues.

however, the others on ur server may not like the fact ur friends are goiong to cause a queue.

its easy to say “blizz dont listen”. but blizz has to listen to both sides, and a few people unhappy about not being able to role on ur server v half a server going nuts cause they cant get in.



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Dont. Me and my friends had to move to jindo since it was locked, or other friends couldnt join us. If blizz all of the sudden decide to open now and leave us hanging here in jindo when it needs more players i’d be pissed.

“all of a sudden”?? it’s 100+ days that Firemaw should’ve opened


Man its getting really bad wotlk classic release is so close and if we cant play with our friends there is no point in playing at all…

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I don’t think so, I think they are near maximum population and the reason they aren’t unlocking it is the Wrath launch is coming.

if i miss the wotlk launch properly i will simply not play at all, no point in leveling a fresh char while all the others are enjoying new content, and i think a lot of ppl would do the same

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there was a blue post in july saying that they where opening firemaw: never happened

this is a unwinnable situation.

if they Unlock servers and let queues go rife, players go mental about waiting to join in.

if they make a new server, they’d “creating mono faction servers”

if they lock servers, people get angry about not being able to join the servers.

if they dont allow transfers from thekal, to jindo they’re wrong for wasting players progression.

if they do allow transfers they’re ruining fresh servers.

and every crowds proclaims they’re not listening… they cant simultaniously appease all of you.

I don’t remember that, could you link it please?

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If you read the post from the Blue it says:

“Character Creation”, not for transfers.

Maybe microsoft is doing a Nokia again to re-negotiate the deal and buy blizzard for a cheaper price who knows xD

If you’re buying a set of new stainless steel cutlery and then throw it into salt water for a few days only to complain to the manufacturer that it got rusty… yes… you are to blame. If you constantly play a game that is meant for much smaller populiations and you’re still going for bigger and bigger servers then that’s on you, not blizzard. They have more than enough servers for us to play on.

Damn… now I’m defending blizzard… what the hell happened?

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