Disband the Horde

The Horde failed to protect Rastakhan.
They failed to kill Jaina.
They failed to put an end to Saurfang’s rebellion.
The entire story of the Horde in bfa is nothing but failure.
This worthless faction can’t do anything right. Its depleted and spend.

It is time to disband the Horde and let each race of it forge their own path. There is No reason for such a failure of a faction to keep existing. Disband the Horde and put an end to them. The Story for their races can only improve after it.

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I’m glad that some things never changes on this forums :wink:

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I will always post. As long as the Horde isn’t either disbanded or fixed whatever happens first.

Wow, I can wholeheartedly agree with that one. Disband the Horde, it’s a failed organization, no matter how you measure success beyond pure existence.

Glad we agree on something. The individual races should try something new.

Why stop there, disband both factions and make a satisfying story for everyone, instead of taking a dump on one of the factions every second expansion (as Horde player it feels like the horde is the target of said dump more often, but i know the Alliance feels the same, so we’re all in the same boat here).

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The horde shouldn’t disband entirely, probably just split into factions that better fit one another.
The more tribal races: Orcs, Trolls, Vulpera, and Tauren
The “once glorious” races: Elves, undead.
Goblin and pandaren not really fitting as permanent members anyway.

The alliance should do the same:
Stone, steel, and gunpowder: Humans, dwarves, Worgen, & Gnomes
Mystical & Wise: Night Elf, Pandaren, Draenei
Void elves are probably the only ones I don’t see fitting the alliance splinter factions. If they were just High elves, would probably join Mystical.

How is that better than disbanding it and looking at each people as an independent political entity, though? Why is it a good thing if tauren are supposed to support orcs in a war the orcs started, just because their cultures have some similarities? They can if they want to, sure, but formalizing that relationship just hides perfectly viable choices like non-participation. Or siding with different groups on different issues.

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Id agree with you if it werent for the fact that the person leading the horde had no intention of furthering the goals of the horde and was just using it to cause as much death as possible

It will all come down to having a better core system for the story telling device. We’ve been stuck in this silly “red vs blue” all this years because that’s what the game relies on.

Disbanding all factions completely doesn’t make full sense to me but this dichotomy is dated and very limiting. They should totally explore a wow universe where the story isn’t driven by this conflict but instead a much larger and complex sociopolitical multidirectional relationships between all races.

Orcs & Dark Spear Trolls are too intertwined to be openly hostile. But there’s no reason why somebody couldn’t play a troll that thinks “well I don’t really trust the Orcs since Garrosh’s Orc supremacy so I’m going to take my own path thank you very much”. This opposite is also valid, somebody can play an Orc that is still stuck in the “Old Horde” mentality and wants to just fight and kill anything it pleases. This can be applied to any race out there. Night Elf centric separatists, Northern Lordaeron union, Human supremacists, or even class driven stories such as Light fanatics based factions led by paladins and priests. They can even be the UN equivalent story for all those who want to follow the main characters such as Thrall, Jaina, Baine, Anduin etc.

Problem is that everything is build around the current 2 faction system. There’s no reason why they couldn’t make all races start as somewhat neutral and then make different faction stories available depending on what your character creation parameters are.

And if people worry about how pvp works, it doesn’t even matter as they’re basically just instanced scenarios, you just get thrown in team 1 or team 2 and that’s it, race doesn’t matter anymore. If anything pvp could become even more interesting as they could design bgs that have 3 or even 4 teams fighting over the objectives!

But hey why dedicate resources on good story writing and loads of content, when you got to focus on fixing all the problems your new borrowed power system causes over class balance? That’s much more fun…

Would be interesting to see a playable multi-faction system happening in WoW. other productions do it nowadays and it seems to work well.

Seems being the highlight here. I’m not a game developer and the cost would probably be even greater than now.

I don’t think so. Yes, they are on the same page on most things, but put orcs into conflict with a loa, for example, and you could have some nice drama where the trolls stand against them, not because they hate the orcs, but because they are fighting for what is theirs. Not to mention that orc politics can widely vary with its leader. You yourself mentioned Garrosh, and the troll-led rebellion against him was not that long ago.

I don’t think race has to matter at all for that. Indeed, I’d be all for divorcing the story of racial politics from the player’s character choice. If there is one thing about all this “you are the super special champion of Azeroth, Maw Walker, titanslayer”-stuff, it’s that there is no reason at all to treat you like a grunt that a king can order arond, just because you share his race. The old factions may continue, or fall apart as the story wills it, but the player doesn’t have to be tied to that level of politics at all.
The main story just isn’t about some soldier of the Horde/Alliance anymore, it’s about a few heroes.

And yes, if you want pvp that’s as loosely tied to the lore as it is now, you actually don’t need to have armies behind you. You need different teams of equals to band together with. Like the covenants, but hopefully with a bit more hostility between them. Which shouldn’t be too hard, if there are actually ideological differences to clash over, which is something the factions haven’t really had for a long time. And since we aren’t talking about armies, but powerful individuals, there is nothing wrong with newly creating these organizations on Azeroth. I actually had an idea along these lines quite some time ago with some bare-bones ideas about how such covenants could look:

And concerning future racial stories and conflicts… well, either the player is in a neutral role, ferreting out the evil manipulative cause of the conflict, like heroes in such situations tend to do… or they can just have the opportunity to choose a side that they like, if Blizz is still willing to give us two versions of the same story.

I don’t even think they would need more content for that than they are making for two factions. The content would just have to be about conflicts of a much smaller scale. We might not see specific tauren content apart from a few mentions here and there for years… but neither do we now, they just assume that tauren fans would be happy with general “Horde content” as well.

What I meant here is more so to do with not every character race/class combo being able to experience every single available story line (at least not the same way). Example, there’s no reason why the hypothetical core alliance Light driven races story would be available to an Orc Warlock. They should be really hostile to you, shoot on sight type thing. Of course if there are then other stories that intertwine the different sub-factions, like in Legion for example, then they’re just going to be moody at you and have different flavour text. Hell they could even make things like shop keepers charging you ridiculous amounts for all the basic stuff (that no one ever buys) just to show that this faction doesn’t like you.

I don’t. I’m a big believer that pvp should just be a fun gameplay aspect where players get to bash each other faces. Like arenas, there’s no story, just a play. Like I said earlier this would free up blizzard to become more creative with how bgs work.

As for those who want story driving faction conflict, that can just be done in pve with scenarios like they’ve been doing so far.

Well at least lately the faction leaders don’t send you in basic errand quests but the actual quests that make us the “super special champion”. What always bothered me is all the boring a*s side quests that are completely irrelevant to our characters. I’m an orc death knight walking around with the title “Deathlord” and then some hippie creature is like “oh please help me, the critters of the forest are hungry, you’re my only hope noble hero”… Mate I literally spread disease, raise the dead and corrupt life around me, maybe go ask a druid you damned thing? I’m sure that some RPer here could find a great way to still make sense out of this, but I’m not one of them…

Which I think this where all the type of sub-factions you mentioned earlier could come nicely in play. No need for colossal amounts of quests for every single race, just more categories that suite more character types. Creates more unique experiences for every one of our characters and makes replayability more interesting and not just “well now I’ve got different buttons to play because I’m playing this class but apart from that I’m doing nearly the same content”. That was one of Legion’s strengths imo. Playing a different class wasn’t just that, the order hall campaigns all had a unique and sometimes interesting story to offer.

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