Disc/shadow Priest lf guild


Hello, looking for a guild to play in.
Looking for decent progress.
I have some decent experience.
a + if you’re on Silvermoon
Battle Tag: AshyBoy#2285


Hello mate.

have a look at our guild, and contact me on B-net if it’s something you might be interested in.



Guild: <Healer Issue>

Server: Silvermoon-EU

Faction: Alliance

Current Progression: 9/9 Heroic - 1/9 Mythic BoD - 2/2 normal CoS

Raid Schedule: Wednesday / Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 Server time (Sunday is an extra raid night for progression at same times).

**About us:**A friendly team, who enjoy improving as players, positive attitudes and helpful. We respect effort and time taken to improve. We always clear Heroic difficulty and never really got the numbers to progress Mythic seriously. We are now actively recruiting to bolster our core team with clearing Heroic as always and one eye on Mythic as and when we grow our roster.

Needs: Ranged DPS and healers with DPS off specs are priority but all applicants are welcome to apply.

Expectations: We expect you to know your class / specs and be able to fit in with the raid and M+ teams. It would be advantageous to be flexible with roles during raids - swapping between DPS / healing roles naturally helps the team for example.

How to apply: An initial discussion with and Officer, followed by a Trial to see if you enjoy being with us and us with you.

Join our discord and message any Officer @https:// discord. gg/sdHgGtr

Alternatively you can whisper;

Troggdorr#2568 on Battle. net / Jinnzu (Troggdorr)#4138 on discord

Viezerik#2725 Battle. net / Rodie#1817 discord

Griswold#2617 Battle. net / Griswold#3553 Discord

and we will get back to you from there.

We look forward to speaking to you soon, thanks for reading.


Bump. Still searching


Hey there!

Moments (silvermoon) is looking for ranged dps! Our progression is 9/9 hc & 1/2 hc. We are going to start our mythic progression slowly this week in BoD and continue in CoS to get that 2/2 heroic. Outside raid days we have people doing mythic +'s daily and play other games together :slight_smile:



Still searching…


Just on Silvermoon or would you be willing to transfer/faction?


Hey Zuriea!

If you’re interested in server transferring, Dark Hearts are recruiting a shadow priest and we’d love to get you to trial! Check out the recruitment post here!

Look forward to hearing from you!


Hello there,

I’ll add you on btag when I get home from work. Else you can contact me on discord for a chat: Mimilini#1820

Have a good day!

(Kotah) #10

Hey, 8/9M guild recruiting. Check us out, added you too :slight_smile: [A]<Requiem> 8/9 Mythic BoD (8/8M CE Uldir) - Recruiting!


Guild: <Distinctly Average>

Server: Silvermoon-EU

Faction: Alliance

Current Progression: 5/8 Mythic

Raid Schedule: Wednesday / Thursday 21:00 - 00:00 st / Monday 21:30 – 00:00 st

Apply via our website at: da-guild. co. uk

Or message an officer on BattleNet: Zime#21104, iDeano#2772 or Troggdorr#2568