Discipline spec bonuses

pls vote S3 set.


Wow, another season of the worst setbonus in the game for PvP. Just wow.

Other classes: get omegalul procs of omegaoneshot megahyper duper sooper ultra Samsung damage/healing. Priest: wow, you now have to pick one of the worst talents on the tree. And guess what you get for it? Another useless spell you don’t cast in arena will now deal extra 3k damage for couple seconds. Just no words.

As a PVPer this really sucks. Guess I won’t be using tier next season either. No fun.


Yes, thats so true… for pve is s3 the best, but for pvp is season 2 and 3 bad. season 1 bonus is for pvp best. that will be very bad for disc again in s4

make new ones where disc is based on shield not on doing petbased shadow dmg. Think about pvp players pls. just now, just only now! ty!

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did you even play the game?? disc was the worst healer m+ like all of season 1, was meh season 2, and was only good this season
can’t believe people like u even get to vote on this


Instant radiance is nice, no doubt, but not really necessary. The whole spec right now is balanced around having the s3 set. And I have 0 confidence blizzard is going to rebalance the whole spec with a new expansion coming up. Season 2 set just wont compare, no matter how much they buff it

So no consideration to us PvPers whatsoever. I guess we just get shafted :skull:

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