Dk looking for social guild

Hey everyone I am currently decided that i should main a dk, i am looking for a guild for shadowlands. I am a tank main ( havent been since vanilla) but dont mind dpsing if the situation calls for it (im real bad at dk atm). I also am an altoholic so hope that i am hoping it won’t be an issue. I am more than willing to transfer if your guild seems like a good fit for me.

Dont look for a spot in a raiding guild!!!

I am 30+ married and have 2 kids 3 year and 4 month, have an angry wife :wink: i work with healthcare easy said. Im from sweden we are supposed to have snow now but it seems some one have stolen it…

Have hard time to commit time to raiding etc due to work and kids :slight_smile:

hopefully i find a horde guild, otherwise i might find an ally guild that suits me :slight_smile:

/take care and have a great xmas!!

well it was worth a shot, ill give up

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Thank you for the time you are gonna spend reading this and i hope you read all of it because there is information spread around throughout the whole post! You might see something that triggers your interest to give us a try!

About us:
A guild from a low-pop server that transferred to Draenor to raise it’s community! We have been around since 2006 on our old server! We have a core group of people that raid together and hang out in general and we want to get more people to come play with us and have fun! Everyone is welcome! The only requirement to join the guild, is to not be a bad person! There is no need to spoil someone’s game in any way, we are all here to play and have fun while doing it!
The guild stopped being active on BfA and we are now once again going active for Shadowlands!

Guild Goals:

  1. Build up the guild community! We want people to have fun playing the game!
  2. Build up a place for people to call “home”! A place that everyone logs in to play and have fun with the rest of the guild!
  3. Clearing Heroic every tier and trying our limits while having fun!

We value Real Life (we all have jobs/family/school stuff to attend to) so if you can’t make it to a raid it’s not a problem but we’d like to get informed in advance if you can’t make it to a raid.
Raiding days are: Tuesday-Thursday from 20:00 to 23:00 realm times.
Communication: We are using discord to communicate throughout the raids.
Loot: We are using the “rclootcouncil” addon currently to handle loot (it’s personal loot but the addon helps with distributing unwanted gear to others).

Everyone is welcome to come join us and hang around to have some fun playing!
Raiding wise:Currently Looking for Paladin,DH,Monk,Mage Priest healer.
People to reach out for more information/to join:
Akiiza - Akiza#21144
Jackrazor - xtrodinare#2690
Rècklèss - raxix#2702
Muttsurini - VolJin#2151

Dude, i dont know how bad you are at the game , atm we do have tanks but fkin hell… your post made my day . At first i read “i’m an alcoholic” and thought…ye, married+kids+drinkin problem. Sounds legit.
If you need a place to crash :arrow_down:

give me a shout and we, the old f@rts with irl issues, will take you in.