Do the S1 M+ dungeons change this coming week or the next

I just wanted to check if the grind for Skovald’s gilded manhole cover will end in 1 more day or I have 1 more week.
14 runs so far, some other player told me they needed 70

All items from this season will become obsolete with just a few keys. Unless youre doing for transmog, dont waste your time over it.

tell that to unholy dks and the puzzle box, even compared to mythic raiding gear it’s still the number 2 trinket at 415 with the Neltharion trinket taking the number 1 spot but only at mythic itl.

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It is for transmog of course.
I would never consider spending so much time on items that are not even an upgrade.

This could generate an entire discussion about the lack of loot determinism in M+

If I remember correctly this is the last week of M+, on reset you will not get a new keystone and the dungeons will be turned off and we will essentially have a week off, the week after we will continue with the new dungeons.

wtf are we supposed to do for a week?

Explore the new zone.

Honestly I thought we had 1 more week. So to be clear:

  • Patch 10.1 hits tomorrow (Wednesday 03-05)
  • One more week of season 1 M+
  • Next weeks reset (10-05) will start season 2

Not sure if true though but that’s what I mostly read in articles/posts.

But HoV was in M+ too in Legion right? And therefor you can maybe just still loot it after season 1 ends by setting the dungeon difficulty to Mythic?

don’t think im getting my 421 puzzle box, so in blizard’s genius ill be sticking with what i have :frowning:

At least previous seasons left the first week as a last chance for pushing, I doubt that will change really.

Read this :-

I wish that the M+ dungeons would somehow remain available without any rating or keystones after the end of their season/expansion. A bit how the legacy LFR exists.
Just put the dragon panda at the begining with a dialogue for initiating any difficulty from +2 to whatever they deem a cap could be.

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