Does activly playing on two computer at the same time with their own keyboard/mouse is considered as streamline multi-boxing and forbidden?

Hi, following the TOS change regarding multiboxing, the term used are somewhat vague :
We will now additionally prohibit the use of all software and hardware mechanisms to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multi-boxing in any way.

The part that need futher explication is “streamline multi-boxing in any way”, does that mean outside of an AH alt in the capital city, playing two accounts at the same time, even using dedicated computer, keyboard and mouse for both of them can be considered as “streamline multi-boxing”, even without any form of input broadcasting ?

If you are doing this part I have quoted, it’s fine.


As long as you use your own hands to use those mice and keyboards, you should be good.

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Well, in fact since the previous tos change, i multiboxed using dedicated keyboards like that :

But i guess it’s not a solution anymore, even if there is technicaly no input broadcast (i just smatch the 5 keys on 5 different keyboard with my bare hand), if it move like a duck, if it act like a duck, it will probably deal as a duck by blizzard.

Now, i wonder if i can scale down to dual box with full individual control with as core, probably something a little like that :

On keypress per keyboard per character. Using hardware to get around it is not recommended…

That’s exactly what i plan, i will have my keyboard only linked to my main character, and a second keyboard (a mini keyboard with only few keys) linked to the second one.
Is there anything wrong ?

That’s the shape of my mini keyboard who gonna be an issue ? I can put a numpad connected only to my second computer on the left side of my keyboard (connected only to my main computer) if you want something more usual.

As long as you are manually pressing a key on keyboard 1 for character 1 and manually pressing a key on keyboard 2 for character 2, you are good.

Hope that clarifies.

What about the “…or to automate or streamline multiboxing in any way” Shammoz?

If he is manually pressing keys on both keyboards there is no automation or streamlining. It’s even on two different computers.

Are we SURE that this is what Blizzard themselves mean then? Seeing as the “multiboxing in any way” seems very vague.

If they have two keyboards going to two computers then there is no problem, however using any other software or hardware, including addons to automate anything, including mounting or the /follow command is going to cause problems.


I got an official blue answer here:

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And that supports what I said.


Indeed, and the post also includes running several clients on the same computer as allowed aswell. As long as EVERYTHING is done manually.

Yep there is.
Im assuming blizzards warden will detect that you use 2 keyboards but both give the command at the same time OR with a fixed delay.

If you cant randomize the MS-NS delay between your keyboards somehow, id advice you to save your money and not do it because it wont go well for you.

This means that even if you macro a key with a fixed delay, it will still wont work as it will detect a fixed delay. Only a random delay would work

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What are you talking about, i will not use broadcast in any form.
The first keyboard is pluged to my main computer.
The second mini keyboard is pluged to the second computer.

I think its pretty clear, isnt it?

That mini keyboard that is attached on your main keyboard, doesnt it press your key below as well?

No, it’s just there for easy access.

Then obviously you have nothing to fear.

I came across this today: