Don't release ICC Buff too early!

Why do you think your admittedly below average group should ever clear heroic?

The whole reason normal exists is because they wanted to give casual players a way to also clear raids


Because my even worse one did back in 2010 in retail, duh? That’s what I remember and that’s what I came back to the game for. That ICC had a 30% buff. That even below average groups could kill the end boss of the game and feel they finished it. That’s why I quit in Cata, the same group had no chance at Sinestra or Ragnaros, so I quit rather than play the game on the shameful normal difficulty.

Viewing normal as humiliating and wanting to degrade everyone else’s experience because of that seems like a you problem tbh.

I would like for them to not add the buff, but failing that they’d should delay it for a few more months.

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just disable the buff ughh?

I’m betting my bank alt’s Ornate Drinking Stein that they will release it too early. Gotta go fast towards cata and then even faster towards retail.

We plan to initialize the power increase in Icecrown Citadel on 6 December.

It will start as a 5% buff, and it will increase by 5% every two weeks until it reaches the max of 30%.

As a reminder-- the buff is optional. Any player can always choose to remove it from themselves.


Oh no. Too soon, please reconsider.


RIP Wrath then. No point in playing the game after December 5th. Was a good run.


For f sake.


Beat me to it lmfao

Miles too early.

For majority of raids I attend right now, 9-10 bosses already feel undertuned with gear, yet they might have had one night on LK HM so far, if that.

Either apply this nerf only to LK, or give people a reason to do 11 bosses on 0% post-buff.


Why am I gunna keep paying for 6 months in ICC if it’s nerfed for most of them?


Seriously, what is the point of this buff? The majority of guilds is still progressing and this will suck the sense of achievement out of their kills.

For the hardcore guilds it will make speedruns such a faceroll, sucking the fun out of the game.

Normal mode is there for a reason if you don’t want to put the time and effort to kill Lich King heroic. Wotlk is RIP with this buff.


So dad gamers can get full BIS while only playing for an hour on the weekend.


At least make it more rewarding for people that kills a boss without the buff. Maybe an additional item drop and +1 emblem for each boss.

Why are people upset about the buff? It gets easier the more time passes anyway. Even without the buff, lk 25hc kills would be worthless if every single player in the grp runs around with 6.5k+ gs, so you either are decent enough to kill the lk right now, or you arent.
The buff doesnt devaluate the content more than the alrdy excisting gear progression week by week.


Or make what they did with Ulduar, boost the ilvl on items who down him without the nerf to make more players aim for that could work too

My guild is clearing 12/12hc in roughly 3 hours. We one shot most bosses but it still is somewhat challenging, ie can’t fail mechanics or slack on dps.

I’m upset because this buff will turn ICC into a snoozefest.


People crying like madman like this buff is unchangeable.

Guilds who want to progress without it, CAN.TURN.IT.OFF.

Those who want buff can keep it.

Jesus some people.


You guys don’t want challenge, you want exclusivity. Any mediocre player who can pour 3 or more raid nights a week into ICC (and PTR) will have gotten it by muscle memory alone by now.
As a 4h/week dad raider, I am very much looking forward to this. And I don’t even care about BiS or achievement or Invisible horse. I’m just looking forward to not worrying about getting first mark on a squishy cloth and wiping, about getting vortex under healer who is tunnelvisioning his grid and wiping, about iceblock killing a healer with unchained at 10% Sindra health and wiping after 11minutes of fighting.
The fact is whoever deserved a 0% LK25HC kill have gotten it by now. You can disable the buff and keep trying, but we both know you won’t :wink: