[Draenei RP] Azuremyst Village Hours - AVH summer break!

It’s happening!!

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Now that was a brilliant turnout today - big thanks to everyone who dropped by last night, I hope you enjoyed the first AVH of this kind just as much as I did! So many great individuals as well as whole guilds showed up - lovely to see the Assemblage and the League of Modimus appear in force!

A very special thanks for everyone who took part to make this community project possible - huge shoutout to the lovely crew of The Enchanted Rose and Order of Oronaar (plus the fabulous Dekin) for providing top notch wares and entertainment that night! :slight_smile:

Next AVH will be again in 4 weeks, on on February 28th - stay tuned for updates, will announce the theme soon…!





It was a lot of fun, thank you once more! Find more IC books on Abjuration and Animals, Adhaya! :star_struck: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Hello Draenei and dear visitors!
For the next AVH get ready to rumble, as this month we will be holding a Jed’hin tournament in Exodar! For all that don’t know jed’hin:

Jed’hin is a competitive full-contact wrestling sport where a wrestler attempts to force another wrestler into submission within a large, circular ring. The sport originated in Argus, where it was practiced professionally. In addition to its use as a trial of strength in combat, jed’hin has also been associated as a spiritual ritual. Professional jed’hin can trace its roots as a form of sporting entertainment.

When: Sunday February 28th from 19:30pm!
Where: Platform outside of Exodar (!! - not Azurewatch this time)
Who: All Draenei and visitors welcome.
Tournament is Draenei-only, but visitors are welcome to watch!

Event schedule:
19:30pm - Opening demo match with short lecture on jed’hin
Then workshop on techniques. Open to all races to participate in workshop!
20:30pm - Tournament starts! Open to Draenei only, both genders. Non-Draenei spectators welcome!
22:30pm - Award ceremony for the top 3 combatants with prices!

Tournament rules OOC:
Emote battle determined by rolls: at the start of each round both combatants roll, winner emotes his opening move, loser reacts.
Best out of 3 wins the match.
Traditionally jed’hin is a male -only sport, but to make it more inclusive, will open for females as well - the first rounds are separated by gender, the finale will be mixed (jed’hin is not only about brute strength, but also speed, skills and tactics!)

IC rules:
More info here: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Jed%27hin
Traditionally each match opens with a headcrest slams (female and mixed matches with a shoulder slam instead), then the opponents wrestle with help of grapples, kicks and tail swipes.
A round is won when one opponent is immobilized on the floor or pushed out of the ring.
Dresscode: Bare-chested and kilt / cloth pants for males; sport top and kilt / cloth pants for females.

Interested? Come sign up and play! :slightly_smiling_face:
Limited spots as we need to calculate the matches beforehand.
I will start with 8 available combat slots, will waitlist further sign-ups and extend this number on demand!
Sign-ups on the night NOT possible, unless we have drop-outs!

Don’t fancy to take part but want another role to get involved?
I am still looking for the following:

  • food and drink vendors
  • assistant instructor(s) for the training workshop
  • betting master (because why not!)
  • healers to mend injuries of the combatants

Contact: Kheevani ingame, forum or Discord: Nataari#4292


I liked the last one, this time I’ll turn up for the full event!

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quite draeneic

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A Jedhin tournament!? I will be there with my draenei fighter, I needed a reason to debut him in RP and this will be a great way to introduce my character to the world. IM :clap: SO :clap: HYPED :clap:

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Looking forward to meeting all the draenei kin again (and others too!).

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Update to this months AVH - CANCELLED!

Unfortunately we had only 1 combatant sign up and not a whole lotta signs of interest from the get go, so decided to not flog a dead horse and cancel this months event. We will be back in March for another AVH event with a different theme, so stay tuned for updates!

Yes, sorry to disappoint - thanks for the nice message, glad someone seemed to like it, haha. Feel welcome to join above mentioned Draenei discord to catch up with the community on your fighter! Also the Oronaari often RP in Exodar and are always happy to include visitors

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No worries, champ! I’ll await the next one, I still like this initiative. :call_me_hand:

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Next AVH: Sunday March 28th, in Azurewatch, from 20:00pm!


Come and gather in Azurewatch on the last sunday of the month to meet old and new faces, share a night of companionship (and a few sunglow) with your fellow Draenei, and to mix and mingle!

OOC: Next AVH will be largely unmoderated social Draenei gathering, but as a Draenei community event, it is open to YOUR ideas and initiatives, too!
We will start it with a speech and a prayer around 20:30 - after it’s social time! If someone else wishes to speak, share ideas or thoughts, this would be welcome as well!
Also, your own ideas - have something to sell? A stall to run? Food or drink to share? Anything else you think would fit nicely? As a community event, this is all greatly encouraged - just drop me a message before or even on the night!


Will there be any spokespersons IC present? :3


Hey Jeraiel! As a community event there’s no designated IC leader, though myself and Pervaal are looking after things both IC and OOC, and are approachable!

Thanks for your interest, would be great to see you again!


Draenei of Argent Dawn, one week to go until the next AVH!

Kicking this up and looking forward to see you around next sunday!

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Bump for greatness!!

No finer bunch of Draenei this side of Azeroth. You don’t want to miss it. :metal:


Hope you can make it as well this time Falruul! And we hope to welcome all our friends, Draenei and non-Draenei, to come visit Azuremyst for a wonderful market of the Enchanted Rose, be inspired by our sermons and enjoy the Sunglow that will be flowing freely!

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What is this? Is it almost the last sunday of the month already??

Well, that means it is time to get ready for the Azuremyst Village Hours then! I hope you are as excited as I am to welcome everyone back to our wonderful little piece of heaven just outside the Exodar. I will see you there!

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Looking forward to this.

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Tana Manawyrm will definitely swing by next sunday if able!

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Remember, this is this sunday! All you Draenei and non Draenei be there, or be square!