[Draenei RP] Azuremyst Village Hours - AVH summer break!

Every time I see an update on this forum thread, it tempts me to log on to my lightforged draenei and to attend AVH for the first time. Seems like alot of fun! Hopefully I will be there on the 24th.


No, but seriously, do it!


Give in to temptation!
So, we’ll see you next week Saturday then :wink:


Just want to say that Kheevani has done a great job managing the AVH and Draenei Discord. Seeing the Draenei community taking off is a great sight, hopefully we won’t crash the Exodar into another mountain this time.


Thank you so much Aurlon, really happy about your words! And even more so seeing the community active and thriving! :slight_smile:

On that note… 1 week to go until the next AVH! Artificers, give me a holler if you like to take part with your craft!!
(No marsuuls this time, promise)


Just one week until the next iteration! Cant wait!

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I’ve been to two of these and they’ve been incredibly fun. Looking forward to the next one.



As saturday draws nearer, here’s our event schedule (yes, believe it or not, we have one this time around)

20:00: Start in Azurewatch!
20:15: Little welcome speech by one of our Artificers
20:30: Warframe Demonstration and its repurposing for medical missions, hosted by Tavaari
21:00: Lecture on Lightforged Technology and its symbiosis of the Light and the Arcane; hosted by Senior Artificer Talagar

From 20:30, the booths and stalls are open in Azure Watch:

  • Artificer Peraamos’ Tinkering Shop: selling and demonstrating Lightforged inventions inspired by Azerothian engineers!
  • Jewelcrafter Kurem and Crystalsmith Rhuaan: Demonstration, lectures and offering various gemcutting and crystalsmithing appliances!
  • Assemblage of Uld hosting and demonstrating the best Gnomish Engineering has to offer!
  • Cal’s Barbery: Cal’trana offering grooming and barber services tailored to horned and hooved visitors!

And as usual, lots of room to mix, mingle, socialize, and get together with the Draenei community.
Looking forward to see you saturday!


The hour draws nigh, lets make this a good one!

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2 more days until the Draenei Tech Night! Will stand ready with my crystal gadgets & smithing!

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Better keep it down, or else Velen will call the Peacekeepers on this event.


I hope he does! The more the merrier! :wink:

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Even peacekeepers need time to relax and spend time with friends and family!

This is tomorrow by the way!


Tomorrow, tomorrow! Come one come all! Hope to amaze many with my inventions!


This is happening TONIGHT! Looking forward to see you all from 20:00pm in Azure Watch!!!

I will be on Rhuaan, welcome to poke me for any questions!


A big thank you for everyone who dropped by last night - that was a fantastic and very Draenic night of Tech and crystal talk!

Special thanks of course to Tavaari and Senor Artificer Talagar for holding their amazing lectures and demonstrations, and to Peraamos, Kurem, Cal’trana, Khaalus and of course our gnomish friends of the Assemblage of Uld to come by and host their stalls and demonstrate their work!

Here are a few snippets of last night:




And if you are not Tech’d out: come visit the Tinkers Faire in Gnomeregan tonight! Serveral of us Draenei will be there, and Peraamos will host a Draenic Engineering stall again!


It was a great event, and fun to wipe off some dust on my draenei. The two lectures were great, and the roleplay that came with visiting stalls was really fun.

Thanks to the Assemblage of Uld, I will never hear Archenon Poros the same way ever again…

I will definetely attend again for future AVH events, and I recommend people to also consider going, draenei roleplayers or not!

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Thank you again everyone for coming! It was wonderful to see all of you come and have a great evening of Draenei community together. Looking forward to the next one already!


Hello Draenei and guests!

A bit later than usually announced, but as the end of the month draws near…
…the next AVH is coming up next week SUNDAY MAY 30th!!

This months theme is: A NIGHT AT THE RACES! :checkered_flag: :checkered_flag:

Once again we welcome all visitors, Draenei, Alliance and neutral alike, to join us for a night of fun and festivities. This month, we will be showing off what the mounts of the Draenei can do, by hosting 2 races - on talbuk- and elekk-back, open to anyone who wishes to compete!

Start: 20:00 server time in Azurewatch, as usual:

From 20:00pm: Welcome speech
From 20:30pm: Talbuk speed race starts!
From 21:00pm: Elekk fun race starts!
(as usual, not a rigid schedule :wink: )

PRIZES for the winners of either race to be won!

The Talbuk race is a speed race - quickest participant will win!
The Elekk race is the fun race - we have prepared an emote-based obstacle course to keep you, and the audience (and your elekk) entertained :wink:. We’ll give you the details on the day!

:checkered_flag: Sign-Ups for the races are recommended as the elekk-race especially will have a limited amount of participants we can take! Just drop a comment here, or contact me ingame (Kheevani) or in the Draenei discord!


Who will win the title? Be there and find out! Better yet, take part!