(Draenor) Brewmaster tank looking for guild

Hi there!

I’m a Brewmaster with no home LF friends and a place to belong.

I’m relatively new to brewmaster, but I really like it, so looking for someone who can and wants to be a part of the learning process. I’m not looking for coaching, I’m not looking for a mentor but I’m looking for friends with an open mind.

When it comes to raiding I would like if they had a spot for me as a tank and weren’t super hardcore as that is not what I need while learning.

I can if necessary transfer my character to another server for the right guild, but I’m not faction changing :slight_smile:

My discord is Echo#0231

You can write me if you got any questions or feel for a chat.

I hope to hear from you

hey add me on discord if u wanna have a chat DK-Reaper#8273 or check out our post here [LFM] [EU] [H] [draenor] [M+] [Raid] Relaxed social Guild recruiting

Hi there m8 :grin: here is something about our guild of you like what you read and want to continue conversation…we can talk on disc :+1:

Currently recruting Any Specs but in dire need of more healers! <<

The Guild was formed by a core of people who know each other from real life, and we’re currently recruiting geared people for Nathria Progress and Mythic+ pushes!

Plan is to clear Normal ASAP and continue in HC.

Raiding Fri & Sat from 19-22 server time.

We’d like to build a tight knit community with around 15-20 active raiders.

We’re a mature and chill bunch of players, love to have fun and help each other out without any drama. During raids we like to joke around (politically incorrect), but at the same time maintain a serious atmosphere where everyone is prepared, gives their best and is willing to learn from their mistakes!

If you see yourself in this apply ingame, or send me a message on discord!
Perka#7270 or sx#2485

Hey man, we are in need of a tank asap. Check the thread below, and if you like it, we can discuss more