(Draenor EU) Aff Lock looking for relaxed Mythic/ HC progression


As my current guild is disbanding, i am looking for a guild that is going into Mythic raiding progression. i have cleared 10/10 N, 4/10 HC. Im looking for a guild that have mature people that like to have a bit of banter. If you are interrested please feel free to message me in game on my character Zudot.

Hey dude! We at Crimson Horde are currently recruiting new members! We are a nice group of people that don’t take life to seriously but also like to progress in the game and be competitive! We are on Horde, EU, Draenor… if you are interested search Crimson Horde in game and apply :slight_smile: stay safe!

Hi Mate,

Sounds like were on the same page… Pushing toward mythic also, new guild but looking for players that can share the vision we have.
Let us know if interested…