Dragonflight Beta Key Giveaways Are Here!

When Molten Core freezes over. Even then I won’t watch any of those overinflated ego’s.


I couldn’t give a flying squirrel crap about it. Fix the talent trees.

Especially paladin and druid.

Incompetence at it’s finest.

This is gross. I understand the need for streamers, it’s a win-win for the game and the individual but making them gatekeepers for something like beta is gross. I have it and my 3 friends that I play with don’t, I suppose they don’t watch enough twitch to get it.


I don’t mind them giving away beta keys to streamers and influencers, could be a good way to reach players who have stopped playing.

But what I do honestly mind is players who have played this game since release, players who are still playing and have an active subscription, NOT getting a beta key.

Players who are still playing WoW and WANT the beta, should get beta access instantly, so they can actually help improve the game.


Its better not to have it. No spoilers and no disappointment when they nevwr fix bugs

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youre based.

blizzard should hire beta testers and debuggers and coders to fix their product like all serious companies…not give out beta invites to randos who will log out once or twice check something and never login or bother reporting or testinh

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I have Beta. Other than looking at Drac’thyr options, I haven’t bothered with it.

Thanks for Beta Blizz, have reported a few bugs and abit of feedback so far, but I appreciate the opportunity to test Dracthyr.

Some streamers just joke with people.I got chat restricted from Des Mephisto’s stream after asking 2 times if there’s a giveaway still,since I joined mid stream and didn’t know if he gave em all. Got a 10 min chat restriction and that was actually long enough to prevent me from entering the giveaway with 1 minute more.
He and his moderator then laughed at that saying “it’s actually hilarious”. When the restriction ended I just asked "why I got prevented from entering and got a chat ban again with the same laughter…
I believe Blizzard should figure put another way go give keys. Not all streamers are like that,but thst kind of people can mess up your day after staying up all night and hoping you get lucky.

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I don’t like being pushed towards watching streams. I never watched a stream and I will never will. If I sit near my PC - I prefer playing games myself.

So - No thanks.


Why are you even watching these “streamers”.
They are one off the reason’s the community is so toxic these days.
They just follow whatever messed up way off thinking these ppl have that play a game 24/7 but hate it at the same time.


The same influencers will be badmouthing WoW for clickbaits this time next year. Bellular for example.


It’s not that I like their content . I just wanted to get a chance to try the Beta at least once,that’s all. Like I said before,not all streamers are like that,but this guy and his “moderator” were the worst i’ve ever seen so far.
Making fun of someone who spends his time watching your dumb “content” if I can even call it that way,for no actual reason…that’s something I can’t comprehend.

I rarely watch any,to be honest. Just at the times when I get really bored and have nothing to do in game.Even then I only watch only Pika,Jedith and Palumor,cause their streams are actually fun to watch.
This time i was pretty hyped about DF and thought I might win a Beta Key to try it early,but…not again,ever. I’ll just leave those giveaway “streamers” be with their 20 viewers.


I don’t recognize a single one on those lists.

Am I doomed? Should I just pretend to like one of them for a beta key?
Feels very wrong


After their giveaway ends they’re back to bieing nobodys anyway.
They only receive a small influx off temporary viewer and barely anyone sticks around :man_shrugging:


FREE marketing hype!

And nixxiom he literally roasts wow every chance he gets yet builds his career off wow streamers are jokes they dont care about wow most cannot even play the games they stream are just genuinely crap like pewdipie and all they do is try to put people off

Never ever going to watch a useless streamer to get a beta key.
Me and many of my friends have been in wow since the very vanilla beta, did content that most “influencers” on twitch can’t even dream about, reported more stuff to blizzard than any of these streamers, but to get in the beta we got to feed these people pageviews/watch counts? No thanks. Horrible market, inflating another horrible market.


So much this.