Dragonflight & performance issues


The performance since expansion launch has been absolutely horrific, chiefly in terms of framerate. My hardware set up is, and has always been average to good in terms of running WoW. It’s not an issue my side.

There appears to be an increasing number of us experiencing massive, abrupt performance drops when doing certain things, being in certain areas… it’s awful. Sometimes unplayable.

It’s the sole thing that has let it down for me, I’ve really enjoyed this expansion, the first one for years in fact. But this is the worst slew of performance issues I’ve ever seen. Are Blizzard aware of this?

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Ofc they are aware of this, do you think they sleep?

You mean the Lagzure Span :laughing:

Did you see this post though

It does acknowledge a lot of the issues.

That’s an interesting read, thanks for that Puny.

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Just in case you haven’t, check your graphics settings. Mine have all auto changed to high/ultra when the prepatch hit, and it happened to a few friends I asked as well. I had to change it all back to how it was before the update.


Well every human need some sleep at some point.

I need to thank you a lot for this post. I read this earlier and it was the same for mine.

It hasn’t fixed the issue perfectly but it IS playable now, thank you!

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