Druid Anima Powers

What do you think about datamined anima powers?

Well, at first glance, it seems (For feral) running [Lunar Inspiration] is a must to access any of the advantages of the spells;

Bottle of Moonshine - Enemies affected by Moonfire deal 20% less damage.

Draught of Midnight Blazes - While Moonfire is on at least 3 targets, your damage and healing are increased by 50%

Circlet of Weeds -Your damage and heal over time effects occur 33% more quickly.

Not so sure about Lycara’s Twig though;

Shapeshifting increases the damage or healing of your next Shred, Mangle, Wrath, or Regrowth by 200%.

Shifting added to the GCD then add a spell to increase damage after shifting, Seems nonsensical to me… so looks to be more of a resto/cat weave power.

This is promising for feral;

String of Fangs and Talons - Starsurge, Swiftmend, Ferocious Bite, and Thrash deal 30% increased damage and healing.

But again, all the spells seem tailored to moonkin/resto;

Affinity Stonesoulstones - have all of the Affinity passive bonuses, and their effects are increased by 100%.

er, great an extra 5 yards i guess?

So feral-wise it seems pretty lackluster, one spell about Rip, Rake (Circlet of Weeds) none for berserk and only one enhancing shred (Which seems to be a catweave talent).

Unless I’m missing something it all seems a bit… meh.

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I think the druid powers looks underwhelming and weak compared to some of the other specs. Look at mages for example, they got some fun and OP s*it. Like the ones below (they have many more, but these were just some examples).

Runecloth Wrappings - The damage of Arcane Blast, , Fireball, Frostbolt is increased by 2,000% when you cast it while Invisible.

Combine the two below will be OP as s*it:
Sapphire Prism - Mirror Image summons 1 additional |4copy:copies; of yourself.

Highly-Polished Handmirror - Your Mirror Images become more intelligent, gaining access to more spells and abilities.

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