Druid looking for Dutch/English guild

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m Cat, druid or warlock dps. Don’t heal, don’t tank, just to get that out of the way! I have been playing since the end of wrath and I have loved every minute of it. I am currently on a US server, Area 52, but looking into switching to an EU server since I’m Dutch. It means I have to start all over though, leave behind my massive mount and pet collection etc, etc, but time wise it would be a lot easier.

What am I looking for?
I want a longer term relationship and not a one night stand. I don’t want an abusive relationship, but I want honesty. I want things to be progressive without toxic behaviour. Just looking for a fun home before I decide what server to play on or what faction to pick. Because in the end it’s the people that make the game fun to play.

What do you get?
A dedicated ranged dps to run mythics, raids, pretty much everything. A person who puts others first and is willing to help out. Fluent in both Dutch and English. Needless to say I’ll have to build up a new toon from scratch, but I don’t see that to be a problem. Should be good before Shadowlands goes live.

For more information about my US druid, check out raiderio : Catisfactíon - Area 52

My times:

Pretty much all day, every day xD

Hope to hear from you.


We’re a Horde guild on Kazzak with a focus on heroic raiding, mythic keystones and helping newer/returning players as well as having a laugh along the way. We’re English speaking but have a fair few dutch members already.
Feel free to add me on bnet: Renkin#21989 if you’re interested!

Hey - Check out the post below or drop me a message Grate#2977

Hi there,

Unseen Sin - Silvermoon (Ally) is highly in need of a Balance Druid.
We are a casual raidingguild with 4/12M
We have ppl from everywhere, also some Dutch ppl in the guild.
We raid on :
Saturday (Mainrun) 19.45-22…00ST
Sunday (Mainrun) 19.45-22.00ST
Wednesday (Altrun) 19.45-22.00ST

If you want to have a chat you can always add me on Bnet or Discord.
Bnet : Tinkelbel#2602
Discord : Tïnks#3130

Btw ; I’m Dutch aswell :slight_smile:

Hey there, check out our guild seems like you would fit into our fam :slight_smile:

Hello, maybe you are interested…