Druid Tuning - 10 April

Greetings all!

We are making a follow-up change on the Omen of Clarity adjustment we made last week. We found the change that prevented Gift of the Wild from trigging Omen of Clarity was unnecessary, and will have a negative impact on Balance Druids, so that change is being reverted. The Bear threat multiplier has also been raised slightly.

  • Omen of Clarity now triggers from Gift of the Wild.
  • Slightly increased Bear threat multiplier to compensate for reduction to Naturalist.

Well, that lasted long


well and what about pvp nerf?


Incoming, Chicken Gift of the Wild weaving! do Blizz even ever test these changes? /sigh


This is a massive nerf to Druid Tank damage and Feral in PvP. Rouhgly -4.5% DPS forever.

Also a huge nerf for Feral DPS.

Revert this nerf and instead remove Savage Roar Glyph (-3% damage for cat DPS only) and change it so that Savage Roar extend the duration of Rip by N seconds when you cast it, or make your ferocious bite refresh your current rip.


Is there any explanations for the nerf in PvP ? I could understand PvE wise but PvP wise this makes no sense. The precedent Omen of Clarity buff was not concerning PvP so how does the new nerf is affecting PvP this time ? As a dedicated PvP player this really feels bad.


Great stuff.

How about the incompetent muppets making these changes take a dose of humility and stop tinkering with a seminal expansion like WotlK? The utter arrogance to think you can just blithely hotfix in balance changes to a 15 year old game without any PTR testing. Oh you’ve found there were unforeseen side effects, who could have predicted that? Maybe any development team with a collective IQ higher than a sack of potatoes?

I am paying for an honest recreation of the original game I played back in the day, not some mind-reading attempt at what the developers really intended. I am getting seriously pissed off at reading new patch notes every week for balance changes when there are ten milion actual bugs and discrepancies with the original game you could be fixing that have been meticulously documented by the community https://github.com/JamminL/wotlk-classic-bugs


How do you justify the nerf to pvp? I suppose you were completely ignorant to it?


#Cancelweave if that change goes through.

Instead of fixing the problem (is it even a real problem? Feral back in original Wrath always was a Top DD and the reason we were not at the start of classic lich king is the missing patch cycle) in a sensible manner, like giving a 5% dmg nerf in raids through a raidbuff, you punish bears and pvp cats as collateral.

Revert the change back to how it was before you implemented the buff, changing a challenging but fun rotation to monocat, or I’m done.


BUFF <|INSERT CLASS|> this is unfair!!!


Spot on, the more as weeks go by, the more I am seeing people Raid log and even myself, I am starting to completely lose interest. I fear if this continues, I may need to retire.

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They were 100% already going to do this come t10 cause of their t10 set bonuses. That’s likely why it was reverted.

Also, why didn’t you guys discuss with the main druid theorycrafters like NerdEgghead ? If you wanted to change the Feral dmg, he could have gave you the actual numbers before sending these changes live and revert them a few days later.


Thanks for the de facto PvP nerf on account of your own incompetence; it’s also debatably still a nerf to the lowest TPS tank in the game despite your attempts to “address” them. Bonus points for potentially irreparably breaking T2 Feral logs, unless WCL steps in and covers for you.

Would much rather you just revert us to Bearweaving and then keep your hands out of the pot from this point onwards; you can’t even faithfully recreate your own game, you had no hope of balancing it.

Am happy for my Boomy brethren at least, thankfully the player base is aware of how WotLK specs work, even if Blizzard isn’t.


The explanation is that Blizzard never have and never will give a monkey’s about PVP.

Why, just why? I don’t get it, I really don’t is it so wrong for a spec that is hardest to play out of the melees to be top melee dps? And since you don’t want the ferals to be pissed of you give us gift procing ooc :D? That was the most annoying part of feral, noone wants to carry around 200 reagents and spam a raid buff, reducing leader of the pack uptime, just so they can parse well, it’s not fun. Bearweaving atleast didn’t actually grief the raid and was complex and difficult to master, this is just class complexity nerf + dmg stays pretty much the same, fck that I’d rather have the original state.


Put the FFF changes into a glyph and replace it with the savage roar glyph. Thats what you should have done if youre thinking it was too much. Jeez man.


to summarize

  • blizzard doing some random changes to the feral druid class affecting only cat in pve
  • one week later they decide to bring back some of those changes but as a bonus to DROP ONE HUGE SHIET on PVP and bears

absolute incompetence


WORST POSSIBLE way of nerfing cats, nothing else could be worse. Why not just make FFF Cd 2-3 seconds more, or make it 70% to proc omen. But instead blizzard nerfs naturalist making bear (weakest tank already and got close to 0 benefit from previous FFF buff) even worse and +huge pvp nerf.
edit: gift can proc omen again, roflmao, so huge.