Druid Tuning - 10 April

Here are 2 ideas:

  1. Implement 4.5% PvP buff modifier to ferals.


  1. Revert Naturalist nerf, but introduce glyph of faerie fire, which should come in place of [Savage Roar 3% dmg Glyph] (SR-glyph should be deleted, because SR-glyph sims better than Rip-Glyph and all ferals will just replace Rip-Glyph instead of SR-glyph for the new FF-glyph, making rotation more annoying with short rip duration).

([Glyph of Faerie Fire - Your fairie Fire grants you Omen of clarity each time it is casted on monsters.])

But please do not introduce bearweaving back, i returned to druid only because of FF changes to monocat, i don’t want to abandon my druid again because of bearweave returning.

So the solution to bearweaving making too much threat is to increase threat in bear xD … people wont bearweave now for sure if it kills them, problem solved …

Also no need to tag that blue … its just bot reposting topics from US forum, not a real person …

Druid being yoyoed up and down in the span of a week, meanwhile Ignite and Deep Wounds munching remains broken…7 months in?

Thanks blizz.

  • Omen of Clarity now triggers from Gift of the Wild.

If you bringed it back because of moonkins, just make it triggers only for them then? Not a fan of flowerweaving as feral.

I guess Bears where way too powerfull and wanted by all raid teams so they had to nerf them, hard. There can not be any other explanation.

Based on player feedback, we are rolling back the change to Naturalist and have no further changes planned for Feral at this point. The slight threat increase for Bears will be left in place and Gift of the Wild will continue to have its high chance to trigger Omen of Clarity. I have edited the original post to reflect this.


Thank you! But consider keeping flowerweaving for moonkins/resto druids only. Remove flowerweaving from feral. It is degenerate rotation. Not fun to keep attacking with staff.

Strange, i just logged in and the change was in effect.

(Naturalist is 5% not 10%)

And just like that it was back to 10%.

Good idea from the Druid Discord. In case Blizzard REALLY wants to nerf Cat. Better this, than really destroying something.

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Thank you for passing the community distaste along.

Nerfs are one thing, but zero-effort, sweeping “fixes” that bear huge uncompensated ramifications on multiple other aspects of gameplay were never the answer.

Much less so done silently in a mid-week hotfix.

So…in the span of 7 days…you utterly overbuffed Feral…half reverted the change, then went back on that.

Meanwhile Ignite and Deep Wounds munching has been broken for 7 months, Dancing Rune Weapon has been broken for 7 months.

Gary got nerfed cuz infinite scaling is “bad”, unless it’s Feral, then infinite scaling is actually good?

You guys are a complete joke of a company.


It makes me so sad man. I have such fond and loving memories of WotLK.

If you keep making these deranged changes, at least PTR them first, like you did with the Ret change.


so when is infernal going to reset?

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So when will you buff fury warrior? Remove the 10% TG penalty. You can test it on the PTR.

I am pretty sure a blue stated somewhere that they are aware but won’t be working on this because it requires more effort than they can dedicate to it atm.

So basically not untill Cata, when they make 4.3.4 balance and forget about investing into “Classic” project for about another 1,5 year.

Actually it’s more like Buff “My Class” this is unfair.

This reversion is just Blizzard Backpedalling on their guesstimate change from the last one.

Why do you buff a already OP spec, can you pleas buff bommies now which fall behind for every phase that goes by? WTF is this shiiiiit!


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