Duneblessed Homebrew Redux - Vulpera Paladins, Priests, and some Spirituality

As I said, this is mostly tied to this personal take. The takeaway remains the Sand-sworn warrior and the TLDR. The rest is fluff that applies as inspired by IRL cultures of which people I owe much of the effort to.

It is overdeveloped because, after all, it went further than Sand Warrior into an attempt of the Desert religion eventually. Perhaps I will set the TLDR aside more clearly, and leave the rest collapsed.

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Honestly, as a Vulpera enthusiast, this is such an inspiring take on Vulpera paladins and priesthood. I love how deep you’ve dived with the concept - I don’t know what overdeveloped even entails? To me it’s like, the more information and detail, the better! Gets my storytelling brain going.

I feel like this concept also gives a lot of freedom for roleplayers thanks to Vulperan caravan culture; you’re just as likely to have heard of it as you are to never having heard of it. It’s not forcing itself on anyone, is what I mean!

How do you feel about people using parts of the Duneblessed idea? As an example, maybe someone had heard of some of the tenets but not all, and developed something else than the “pure” Duneblessed concept is?


Go ahead. If anything it would make sense there are derivations, corruptions, elevations or focuses on the idea as a whole, with the vulpera being an oral tradition focused peoples.


I really really like the concept and would love to explore it through RP!

I assume you use this with yours, so if someone wanted to do the same would you prefer them to contact you about it? :>

Also love how thought through this is! And definitely agree with Dustara that the more the better.

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I’ve really enjoyed engaging with the Duneblessed concept, feels great and thematic.



Can’t hate on a vulp that takes time and effort into giving our lore starved race some concept and lore.

More vulp lore and concepts. homebrews and head cannons that are cool and fill in the blanks where blizzard does not.

Have my full support and all my likes!

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Vulpera paladins… well ain’t that sumethin’.

Very thoroughly enjoyed reading that all I have to say, with all the thought that’s gone into it. I can definitely say it’s something my character would have a vested interest in learning more about ICly for how much overlap there is with his own philosophy, especially in the aspect of looking more at the people as the source of faith than some sort of higher being or authority. It’s a refreshing change to how many Light-based things work, and I love how much depth there is to it all.

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Giving this a little bump and my full endorsement because without some of Zakhi’s ideas for vulpera - namely the lessened focus on revering the sun and potentially even more of a notion of fearing it - I don’t think I ever would have had that initial inspiration that would lead to me creating Salshe here!