Engineer combat res is a joke

Just had 3 consecutive failures in a row trying to res someone on my DH tank. I got 30/40 points in Inventions to reduce the chance of tinkers failing, and still it’s this unreliable?
It’s bad enough that it requires melee range and has a cast time.
What’s the point on making it this terrible?

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There are no new models for that, right?

a) to make engineers suffer, as usual
b) its specifically designed to give the illusion of a brez for everyone withour screwing up classes with a proper one. in other words: pointless.

With all the above your chances your failure rates should be very low.

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Can’t use goggles atm because of tier piece conflict, until I get a higher ilv chest. I have all the perks in mechanical mind, but didn’t max out “Optimized Efficiency - Generalist” yet. I’ll see if it improves, but either way I think it’s somewhat ridiculous how much they nerfed engineer combat res.
The melee range and cast time is bad enough on it’s own, since it can still prevent you from ressing players if they die in some sort of permanent AoE ground effect. I think the new proffession system needs some iteration because right now you need to invest way too much time to unlock the perks, and still end up with a lesser version of what you had before. An example of this is the Wyrmhole generator.

They recently buffed it so that if you have all perks it will have same failure rate like shadowlands.

It was like that in shadowlands too. It’s never meant to be better than a class with combat res.

Unlocking the perks you said you unlocked shouldn’t be hard (unless you had already invested in another tree), since trainer recipes give a decent amount of first craft bonus.

The final perk just remove the need to use Critical Failure Prevention Unit. So until you unlock it you can use that safety component.

I also think it’s a fair balance. At the moment engineering and alchemy are the only professions that provide in combat bonuses. You don’t get a combat bonus from being a blacksmith, for example, since you can simply ask a friendly blacksmith to craft blacksmith items for you.

However with alchemy you get healing from combat pots, and less damage taken from toxic pots and phials and with engineering you get reduced failure chance on tinkers and ability to use 2 tinkers (one of them can be the one granting 100% success chance to the other tinker). Non engineers don’t have that. Many high key pushers are taking engineering.

So if you think engineering is bad, it’s even worse for non-engineers.

And that was a fine trade-off, but at least it was functional in Shadowlands without having to grind out engineering. Having other downsides slapped on top seems unnecessary. I agree that it shouldn’t be better or equal to actual combat res.

In shadowlands the chance increased with your engineering skill. So you needed 100 engineering for max chance (which would still fail sometimes).

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I honestly can’t even remember it happening, and I played my DH a lot during SL. Didn’t max out engineering on it either, so whatever chance there was for failure must have been extremely low. Comparing to now where I got polymorphed 3 times in a row while trying to res someone on first boss in TJS, even if I realize that was probably a rare case.

According to hotfix notes, blizzard said that the maximum success chance should be equal to the shadowlands variant.

Here is the link to the post
(WoW Hotfixes - Updated 6 March)

And here is the quote from the blue post

So may be there is a bug that makes the chance less than what they said? May be you were extremely unlucky?

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Well, this 3x failure thing happened before the hotfix so might be ok now.

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