(EU Horde - Kazzak) MM hunter(202) & Prot Pally (200) LF CASUAL Heroic Raiding Guild

Hi there,

Myself and a friend are looking for a casual raiding guild that is currently working on heroic Castle Nathria. I am currently playing a MM hunter and my friend is a Prot Pally. Our gear is around 200ilvl and both have cleared normal and dabbled in Heroic. Sadly we have found the pain of pugging the raid far too stressful and inefficient with the time we have available.

Historically, we have both raided at the highest level, obtaining realm first boss kills and being part of a 3day raiding guild that managed to hit the top100 worldwide.

Due to life commitements, a Heroic raiding guild suits us best, we both have busy work schedules (im in the police force) and a 100% attendance record just wouldnt be possible.

We dont expect to be carried in a guild and are happy to assist in progression during heroic raids. Our background of high end raiding means that bringing flasks and food, having your gear enchanted and optimised comes natrually to us.

We are both from the UK and are familiar with the art of Bants. Sadly, this means we can only speak one language, English…

Other than raiding, we are looking for reliable grouping for M+ to be an option.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to add me on Bnet if you wish to chat first. Devilo#1848

Hi @Aristorat

Please check our post out and let me know if this should interest you.
We are looking for DPS only at the moment, so IF that sounds fine to you hit me up.

Cheers mate