[EU] [Horde] [ Tarren Mill] Ret pala/spriest 7/8 HC LF guild

Server: Tarren Mill
Faction: Horde
Character Name: Bashera
Languages: English
Current Progress: 7/8 Heroic
Role and Class: Retribution Pala with a shadow priest alt that I would consider playing
Availability: Can raid any day, preferably not friday/saturday though
Raider IO: Bashera
Description: Currently 7/8HC, looking for a guild to finish up heroic and press on into mythic. Currently 401ilvl with 4 piece
Contact: Drop me a message on discord - Basher#0595

Hello there Basher!

I sent you a friend request in discord, but here is a link to the guild I’m currently leading! Lets have a small chat and see if what I can offer might be something fitting for you in terms of raiding/community.
Link to the recruitment post: [H][Tarren Mill] <Puppets of Misrule> 6/8HC Recruiting compentent players! - #4 by Reptutïon-tarren-mill

Take care and hope to talk with you later! :slight_smile: