[EU] Looking for a Guild (M+ & Raids)

Hello! I’m a returning player in search of a guild to join. I play a Warlock and my goals are to run mythic+ and work towards achieving AOTC whenever a new raid comes out.

Ideally, I’m looking for a group that is laid-back and mature. I value a supportive environment where members help each other, enjoy having fun together, and are motivated to do better.

Hey there :slight_smile: , how are you? I hope you would find us a nice place to be,

We do M+ nightly any where from 2-20 some of us like higher and lower all a bit of fun!
We are new but have a great looking team so far and are looking for some more DPS to help finish up our heroic raiding team!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello brother If you are still looking for a guild, we have a newer guild on Ragnaros that is focused entirely on having fun, meeting friends, helping one another, and enjoying the game. I understand this would require you to server transfer, and understand if that is not something you are looking to do [3:32 PM] That being said, we do a ton of amount of dungeons, are working on our own raiding roster as our guild grows, and do fun activities as far as mount runs, transmog runs, discord shenanigans, and sometimes variety gaming.

undertale22 on discord or HopesNDream#2993 on bnet


If you are still seeking for a guild - Punished on Dentarg/Tarren Mill - could use a warlock.

We’re mature, laid back, older people who come together to raid and do some m+ when ever people feel like it.
We run a community on the side which allows people to join our raids via calendar invites and it is not a must to be part of the guild to raid with us.

Our main aim is AotC with possible some mythic bosses down the line.
Right now we have killed 6 bosses on heroic.

We raid Thursday and Monday from 21 to 00 server time. Our next raid will be on Thursday when we do a super fast normal clear to hopefully give alts a shot for loot (as we are raid when you can type of group, then some roles might be needed at times). And after we will head heroic.
A great time to join us (no strings attached) to see are we a fit for you or not.

Hi Yoshnar, are you still looking for a guild? SC might be for you!

Soul Crusaders (Turalyon/Doomhammer) (since '07) are all about taking it slowly but surely with respect to everyone’s capabilities. Our goal is to reach AOTC if possible - starting with Normal and working our way through HC. (We are currently 9/9 Normal and 4/4 HC - when we return in January, we plan to focus on HC prog). We also have 3 different levels of M+ nights (see more below).

We have 2 raid evenings (each 1.5h) on Sunday and Tuesday starting at 21:30 server time. So we respect private time and don’t make it a huge chunk of time to be reserved! Of course being on time and prepared is mandatory to ensure a fun and rewarding evening for everyone!

We also run M+ nights with different key levels in mind (Wed = learning and gearing, Thurs = gearing and consolidating, Fri = working towards KSM and beyond) - this does change through the season, as we all progress.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to contact:
btag: sheira#1910
dc: lakshmii#0552 (Or just lakshmii now)
Or feel free to jump straight into an application at discord.gg/KjwDCkMJ

Hello! Still looking for a guild? Would love to have a chat as this all sounds like you’d be a great fit!

Feel free to add - Ashe#11337
What days are you looking to raid?