[EU][A][Frostmane]Warlock LF Raiding Guild

Hello. I’m a Main Destruction Warlock LF a Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild. I have 10/10 and 4/10 HC. Reason i’m looking is i used to raid with a bunch of friends every sunday. But they stopped raiding and started playing other game or quit.

Ilvl 206.

I’m looking for an English or Swedish speaking guild.
I’m a fairly experience wow player. Created my Warlock in TBC. and played on it since on and off.
Was HC Raiding in WOTLK And were very early with killing LK. Havent played HC Since MoP tho. Because i’m a boomer turning 30 in march. I’ve been busy with other stuff.

I would love to Join a Semi-HC Raiding guild. I can raid everyday from 17-23.
Thank you for your consideration.

server/faction change are a thing ?

maybe you will like this

hi mate i would love to chat with you add me #2455

Hey Hogzor,
If you’re still looking for a guild, I might have the place for you!
Add me on Discord Hoterino#6305

Shamless Bump

Hi Hogzor,

I know somebody already asked but I thought I’d try as well! Are you completely set on [A] Frostmane or willing to transfer?

Strange Loop is a Horde guild on Draenor, 6/10 HC, which raids weekends from 21ST. We’re English speaking but do have some Swedes in the guild and have the mentality of wanting progress, but real life comes first.

If that sounds good or you have any questions, please add my b.net and we’ll have a chat :blush: #Desiderata2592