Evening Realm Maintenance -- 6 October

dude its 1 time, and this is predictable, they even told in advance, i had raids many times where guild had to stop raiding even recently due to server lags and alike, i didnt care to post about it or qq, its just something that can happen, yea i mention it now so u can understand thats its not gonna be any real downside of this, consider it a free break from raiding. world first is long gone. now back to calm down :smiley:

Ok, thanks for the explanation. I hope future updates like this will take in consideration peak raid times in wow, I know it’s for all your games but wow specifically is the only one that requires heavy scheduling by players to get together and raid.

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The message here is that Americas > Asia > Europe is the priority nowadays.

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World first is gone now is like saying why do you play football someone else won the world Cup.


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you gonna miss 1 hour of raid at worst or so. sue blizzard then, or quit the game.

No, I’m just saying it’s badly handled, especially on a reset day.

it would be ‘‘bad’’ for any one anyways no matter what time, as there is players on 24/7. also u know blizzard they dont want ppl to work at night it costs extra cash hahaha

If only they weren’t a company based on the west coast of the US eh?

To be fair, it’s been on the log in screen, the launching app and breaking news on the website for nearly a week plus the threads we’ve made here to try to make sure people knew.

Maybe Daestra’s comment was a bit OTT, but this is a thread about one specific happening made by a US CM (not GM). The two posts are about Classic and therefore in the wrong forum, asking to be in a beta which is also a big no-no and asking someone who made the thread and won’t be back. It’s an information post, not discussion. And, yes, I was annoyed too and reported the posts even before I saw the comment.

/edit Wow, I didn’t realise quite how annoyed I was. I think I should go make some coffee


Thank you for admitting that Europe is dead last on your priority list. Enjoy China restricting video games more and more as we talk. I’ll not mourn your profit losses.

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Indeed, and I get the rationale behind replying to it but there’s a way of delivering things and it seems to always be a running pattern of fighting fire with fire with particular forum posters.

That said, returning to the original topic, I hope the maintenance tonight doesn’t last the full hour. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for saying those words the poster you replied to i have on ignore and have had for a long time they go from thread to thread picking fault with me over everything . It might have been a little brash of me but they had posted in wrong forums and nothing to do with the topic in hand .

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Just for clarity, does this mean that if you’re already logged into the game you’ll be able to keep playing but you won’t be able to actually log in? The notice on the log in/character select screens contradicts this post.

They can’t guarantee it wont cause disruption in game. So if you are logged in at the time, you may be able to stay connected but there are no guarantees how stable the game will be. We could equally find ourselves disconnected.

/target Blizzard /spit thanks for turning off servers in prime time for Europe, our guild wanted do last raid before we quit game, but u did even ruins this.

10pm UK time is roughly when I get to log in, so looks like I got a boring night of haunting the forums and discord…

Oh noes. 15 mins of forum browsing! Terrible…

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It is terrible when all you see is the same things being repeated- granted some of it if mildly amusing though


Its 10pm server time so 9pm UK, should be back up by 10pm UK time

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