Exalt in the Impressive Influence 100% Bonus Reputation Buff: April 20 – May 18

in literally any other industry in the world. That would probably be a dealbreaker.

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Luckily I do have something to do while waiting. Need to do 30 dungeons on my Paladin to get the hidden appearance upgrade. This is something for me to do while waiting.

Everyone here is crying about how Blizzard can’t communicate while ignoring people showing them how they’re communicating just fine.

This topic won’t end when people only see what they want to.

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Soon 400 replies …
People do love their reputations afterall.


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Really? So looking at the world right now your biggest issue is that a rep buff hasn’t gone live yet?

Oh how lucky you are my friend…


I don’t agree with anything you’ve had to say. Demanding a blue response is frowned upon.

The buff is not active in either region at present. When there is some new information they will share it.

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I work at costumer service and i would be in so much trouble with just 50% of this. It’s not about the buff, it’s about the service, whether it’s a free buff or not. I agree with you

If this thread highlights anything, its how terrible reputation farming is in BFA…
The fact we have so many people, myself included waiting desperately for the reputation buff just to make the grind somewhat bearable!

You should probably go back to school if thats how you resonate


this is a mood and a half

It just goes to show Blizzard has some idea what the community wants, this buff is clearly important to many :wink:

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but they never said a time. its still the 20th. these forums are gunna give me heart faliure. dont get mad because you assumed you would get something when it suits you

Nice, a petty insult because you don’t know how to respond.

Out of the two of us I doubt I’m the one still in school…

I was responding to a petty insult with someone insinuating i said something i didnt say at all. But hey, whatever fits your agenda

“I’d sit tight, it should activate at some point later today.”

The above is the official response we have received. It should activate at some point? That is not “communicating just fine”. That is someone who has NO IDEA what is happening and instead just giving some vague response


Yes, thank you.

Yea, you know why? Because they have no idea, the devs need to activate this, not their community team

They officially said 20th. Theres also only 1 daily reset which is 9 am. So 20th at 9 am is the logical conclusion from this, it’s not an assumption. Also blizz CS on twitter is avoiding time related questions but not all the other questions so they choose not to engage with the hundreds of people asking there. It’s again awful communication by Blizzard. And don’t start with “But they just copy pasted an US post” because still this would be a miscommunication for EU. And don’t get me wrong, i am not mad, i personally can wait, but this is once again miscommunication.


This is a compliment, bud.

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