Exp buff is back and forever?

Just found some time to log in in wotlk classic after long break. After lvling my new character for like 10 minutes I noticed joyous journey 50% exp buff. Could have noticed it before but was a bit tired after work. Is it constant buff now with no time restrictions?

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What would make you think that this is forever?

We’ve had JJ 3 times and they have all been temporary, why would it be different now?

Nothing has been announced yet, but most probably its a temporary thing

Players can also visit any innkeeper in the capital cities and Dalaran to turn the experience buff off or on. The Joyous Journey’s experience buff will be available during the Ice Crown Citadel content update and until further notice.

Well, because I don’t really track these things and play wotlk once in a while. So I hoped that blizz finally did some good changes, but they still are doing nothing. As expected though.

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The way I’m reading it, looks like it will be available until the end of the expansion? Or until they decide to turn it off.
So they’re going past retail and into funserver area now. I’m expecting increased gold and item droparates in Cataclysm.

It will be available for the ICC patch until they decide to turn it off.

“For the ICC patch” as in, throughout the patch’s duration, not until the patch lands like before.

So it seems from the announcement.

You know youre last sentence isnt true. Its just a bad troll attempt.

I’m absolutely certain that that is what I am expecting. But then again, I won’t be playing anymore to check whether my expectations are met or if I’d be positively surprised.

Sorry, but no. Bad troll attempt.

Of course, because you know better what I expect. A few weeks ago your troll attempts were much better, now it’s just weird.

god i hope so, the playerbase for modern MMOs aren’t teenagers anymore.

I like how you compare it being a funserver to something bad and outlandish, shows you are far away from fun we are in current wrath lol!

You do know that “funserver” is a nickname for the horrible stupid pservers where they do things like 255 max level and legendaries from vendors for a copper right?

no, should i?

That explains your reply to Daigar at least.
So when he says funserver read it as not really anything that have to do with a proper server at all.

I will be very, very surprised if we don’t see increased loot and similar added content that we have already seen so far in wrath.

I hope we don’t get difficulty alterations, but lubing up the drops has felt good so far in wrath.

I did uld10 every week on my dk for 4months and mjolnir never dropped. Stuff like that is just wack.
The sidereal vendors have added much life into heroic dungeons and has been keeping them very relevant throughout the xpac, if we see similar in cata, that would be cool.

I dont think he meant alternative ways to get gear from the tier before but rather something like that they double the loot that drop from the bosses and give us 1k gold each per boss kill, but I cant be sure about what he meant ofc

Blizz enabeling the JJ buff seemingly permanent speaks volumes about the state of wrath classic. They sure seem to be desperate to get people to return after alienating the playerbase with rampant bots and RMT.

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400+k active raiders on Wrath with 650k peak in P1 vs 15k on all Era realms. Which are more desperate? :rofl: