Experienced returning raider (Monk) LF guild for SL!

Hi all,

As the title says I’m looking for a new guild for the Shadowlands xpac.

I raided on my Monk in BFA but took a break after killing Aszhara as I just haven’t enjoyed the xpac as I’m sure you can all understand. I returned last week to prep for SL and I’m currently just relaxing playing some BG’s and farming, collecting etc.

A little about myself - I’m 30, British, played WoW since WotLK and raided most tiers, mostly on Warlock & DK. Currently I play Monk and I don’t mind playing any of the specs, I actually enjoy switching between them as needed. I know my class & I’m reliable, I always turn up on time, correctly gem’d, enchanted and ready to go. I was a raid leader of a strong guild throughout MOP and into WOD.

Most important for me when playing the game is being part of a guild with a warm atmosphere that has a fun time and good banter but knows when to buckle down and get serious. I’ll play either H or A for such a guild. In my old age the level I’m playing at is clearing Heroic in a timely fashion and potentially dipping toes into Mythic, I have neither the interest nor the time to be a hardcore Mythic raider these days.

I’m looking for a group that raids 2x nights per week, as much as I’d like to raid more - I have a family and job to balance also.

Anyway I look forward to (hopefully) hearing from you soon!

Hit me up on here or on my battle tag Hayz#2512

Hey Navichi, you sound like a good addition to our raiding group we are in need of a mist weaver monk! il post the recruit post right here for you. if interested just contact me!

EU][Horde][Tarren Mill] ”Distinct” CE recruiting Rshammy and Mw Monk in high demand:

Distinct is a pve focused guild, created by wow veterans and streamers. We are a core group of IRL friends and veteran raiders we have met over the years. We just transferred over from the alliance side, We aim to clear all PVE content at a high level within a social, structured, mature, chill, self critical and well performing environment. With the goal to establish a well known name within the twitch community, and social media. While hopefully creating and maintaining new online friends. We will start with a two day raiding schedule (leaning towards Wed-Sun 19:30-23:00), that will expand to an optional third day for a hc farming day. And a mandatory third mythic raid day the first weeks of the second tier.

Needles to say we are looking for skilled but mostly active and dedicated players, simply said: Gamers. The rare kind of gamers tho, the kind that have the social skills to behave and communicate appropriately. We know this is quite an ambitious goal we have set. But with the right environment: dedicated, social, fun and well performing we can reach our goals with ease. Quality over Quantity anytime. If you are interested please contact: Alekker#7538 on discord. All sign ups will be done verbally.

Roles we need:

+But all applications are considered and we can always use at least two of the same specc if not more.


  • Resto shaman.
  • Mist Weaver monk.

Melee DPS:

  • Retribution paladin.
  • Windwalker monk.

Ranged DPS:

  • Any


Hi HAyz,
added you on b net, but please have a look at our guild.

You will be pleasantly surprised

Hope to hear from you soon


Rat Pack

Hey m8,

I know for 100%, we can give you a good home.
Look the url and contact me.

Dont read the guys above me. We are better. Look into it.

Hi Navichi,

Not sure if you already found a home but you would be perfect to join our guild. Below is our info for you to see if your interested. If you have any other questions Bnet tag is Anixxi#2467 or Discord Anixi#7470